Accuracy of census data allowing self-reporting of sexual damages: UK Women’s Group

The British Women’s Rights Group criticized the Scottish Government’s decision to allow gender self-identification in the 2022 census, regardless of legal status, saying it would compromise the accuracy of census data. ..

Scottish Government Guidance for Census Questions “What is your gender?” “For transgender, the answer may differ from the answer on the birth certificate. No gender recognition certificate is required.”

The feminist campaign group FairPlay For Women took the government to court to overturn the guidance, but their proceedings were dismissed by a judge on February 17.

Earlier this month, the group claimed in a court in Edinburgh that gender could only be changed with a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). It said that if guidance was allowed, the legal implications of sex would come to mind without parliamentary scrutiny and debate.

On behalf of the Campaign Group, Roddy Dunlop QC argued that gender questions need to be “honestly answered” and that “certificate gender provides a true answer to the census gender.”

However, Sir Sandison said in a 32-page decision that the answer provided “in good faith and for reasonable reasons” was not a false answer.

“There is no general rule or principle that a person’s gender questions can only be properly answered by referring to the person’s birth certificate or the gender listed on the GRC,” he said.

“We are disappointed with the decision and demand an urgent action,” Fair Play For Women said.

The group said on Twitter: “Guidance on sexual questions would jeopardize the collection of accurate sexual data in the Scottish census and disrupt the harmonization of the data collected through the UK-wide census.”

The Scottish National Party (SNP) administration has sought to reform gender awareness so that people can “self-declare” their gender without the approval of a doctor.

There is fierce debate around social media over reform, and some groups have the potential to give predators easy access to women-only spaces and pose risks to women’s rights and safety. Claims.

According to a new study published this week, the plan faced strong grassroots opposition from the “army of women” with diverse social and political backgrounds.

Meanwhile, a new poll reveals that 67% of Scottish people do not strictly follow the transgender argument.

In a BBC survey by Savanta ComRes, 57% of 2,038 respondents supported the idea of ​​making it easier for transgender people to obtain a gender identity certificate, while respondents were specific. I also found that I didn’t accept the proposal very much.

Only 40% support transgender people’s ability to identify themselves as a gender different from their birth without the need for a medical diagnosis, and 38% disagree with this idea. increase.

Only 37% support and 44% disagree with reducing the time that applicants have to prove that they lived in their gender from two years to six months.

The majority (53%) also oppose the possibility of reducing the age at which they can apply from 18 to 16 and 31% support the proposal.

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