Activists chase the cinema into the bathroom and take videotapes outside the bathroom stalls

Video uploaded to social media shows activists attacking Arizonasen. Kyrsten Cinema The Liberal Party has recently expressed dissatisfaction with the Middle Democratic Party against her opposition to the economic agenda, which was largely supported by her fellow members.

A progressive group that lives together for change in Arizona upload A video showing at least two activists chasing a cinema in the bathroom at Arizona State University on Saturday. Cinema became an adjunct professor at the school in 2003. according to Go to the ASU web page.

“We knocked on the door for you to win, and if you don’t support what you promised us, just as we got you to win, we’ll leave you absent. You can, “said one activist, who said the cinema would enter the bathroom, closing the stall door.

Cinema Prompted By school activists to support undocumented immigrant citizenship pathways as part of a proposed $ 3.5 trillion settlement bill after multiple immigration clauses in the bill were rejected by Senators last month. ..

DEMS cannot include amnesty in settlement bill, PARLIAMENTARIAN rules

LUCHA activists also chanted and demonstrated outside of Phoenix’s fundraising campaign, which was reportedly attended by the cinema on Friday night. say it, “Build better and support the bill.”

Other recent activists are looking to the neighboring Democratic Party of China, Sen. Joe Manchin, Firmly states the top line price of the adjustment package $ 1.5 trillionThe current proposal says it goes far beyond what he is willing to spend on the bill.

Demonstrators last week collected He demanded support for the budget adjustment bill for at least four days in a small boat and kayak outside the West Virginia Senator’s houseboat.

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who supported the $ 6 trillion price tag on the bill, Admitted On Sunday, there was a “give and take” to lower the $ 3.5 trillion price tag on the Democratic settlement bill, and the party opposes a 50-50 split in the Senate and a refusal to negotiate between Cinema and Matin.

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The Washington Examiner contacted the cinema office but did not receive an immediate response.

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