Activists Request Federal Investigation into Kansas City, Kansas Police Station

Group of Kansas City activists and religious leaders gathered outside Kansas City, Kansas Police Station on Friday Request a federal investigation of departmental practices.

Executive Director of Lora McDonald, MORE2, a metro organization for racial and financial equity, The group said it would request the US Department of Justice to review the police station.

Social justice organizations have long sought external investigations of the department, claiming to be full of corruption.

The department was scrutinized in 2017 Lamonte McIntyre was exonerated after spending 23 years in prison He did not commit because of the double murder. The proceedings filed by McIntyre allege that police officers manipulated witnesses and used forged information to produce police reports.

former Detective Roger Golbski has been accused of being involved in terrible illegal activity investigating. The proceedings allege that Golbski raped a woman with a child who forced her to give false testimony and promised to help her get out of legal affairs.

A public question was raised about how much the department knew about Golbski’s actions.

In recent years, the department has been plagued by other controversies. 1 officer Convicted of assaulting a cadet And another officer filed a proceeding She faced discrimination and sexism.

Mayor candidate Tyrone Garner, a retired KCK police officer, said he would do so if elected. Support DOJ surveys..

The department is currently headed by Karl Oakman. Appointed police chief last month.

Nancy Chartland, a police spokeswoman, distributed a written statement in response to questions regarding the request for an investigation. This statement was by Oakman.

“The police station in Kansas City, Kansas continues to be ready and available to assist any agency engaged in investigations involving our department,” the statement said. “Relationships with our community are paramount, so we are focused on strengthening our current relationships and restoring broken ones.”

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