Activists say they broke into a French seaside villa owned by Putin’s former son-in-law and changed the keys so that Ukrainian refugees could live there.

Putin Villa Biaritz

An activist raising the Ukrainian flag from the balcony of a villa associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Biarritz, France.Russia today

  • Activists said they had seized an eight-bedroom villa in southwestern France and posted a video from inside.

  • This is a Russian news site owned by Putin’s daughter’s ex-husband, Kirill Shamalov. insider report.

  • Activists temporarily arrested say they want to house Ukrainian refugees in their villas.

A group of activists said they had hijacked a French seaside villa owned by the former son-in-law of Russian President Vladimir Putin and said he would like to use it to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.

Posted by Pierre Huffner, Vladimir Putinkin and Sergei Saveriev video And images Shows activists flying the Ukrainian flag From the balcony of Alta Maria Villa in Biarritz on Sunday.

The house where the activist said he has 8 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms is registered with the independent Kirill Shamalov. Russian research website The Insider reported.. Shamarov was previously married to Katerina Tihonova. One of Putin’s daughters.

Insiders reported that the villa had previously been registered with Russia’s oligarch, Gennady Timchenko. Insiders were unable to independently verify the property ownership details.

Huffner told insiders that he found a copy of Shamalov’s passport on the premises.

This is a video of Saveliev walking through the villa grounds.

According to Huffner, this is a video showing an image from inside the mansion.

On Monday, Biarritz police arrested Huffner and Saveriev in connection with the invasion, but later released them with a warning. Agence France-Presse When Reuters reported..

Pierre Haffner France

Activists Sergei Saveriev and Pierre Haffner outside the police station in Biarritz, France, March 14, 2022.Vladimir Putin

In their social media post, activists said they wanted to change locks and house Ukrainian refugees in their villas. They also said they would go to IKEA to get the furniture.

“In the coming days, human rights activists and lawyers will send requests related to the Mayor of Biarritz’s office and province, and the Elysee Palace, and use the villa” Ukraine “as one of the places to house refugees from Ukraine. I suggest. , “Oset chicken Written on Facebook..

of Statement sent to Osechkin Before Saveriev entered the villa, Saveliev said: “We dedicate this action to all those suffering from torture, corruption and oppression in Ukraine and Russia.”

“This place should be a haven and a place of help for those who do not have a place in their country.”

World powers, including the United States, Britain and the EU, have seized the assets of many Russians associated with Putin following the invasion of Ukraine last month.British government Said It was considering detaining Ukrainian refugees in the seized property.

Shamalov was not subject to EU sanctions, but was subject to British sanctions.

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