Actor suspected of participating in a parliamentary attack arrested in California


Protrump supporters attack the US Capitol.

Protrump supporters attack the US Capitol. Samuel Corum / Getty Images

33-year-old actor Michael Aron Calico was arrested Wednesday in Burbank, California, on suspicion of participating in an attack on the Capitol on January 6. NS Los Angeles Times Reported on Sunday.

Federal officials said Calico had been charged with entering a restricted building and behaving in a chaotic manner. Informants who participated in the riot told the FBI that they had heard that Calico was proud to be inside the Capitol building, and court documents asked how another person could find him on Facebook. Said Carico, “michaela aroncarico.”

Investigators found Calico’s Instagram account and found that he appeared to match the person captured in several videos from the Capitol riots, court documents said. After receiving a data search warrant from his Gmail account, investigators found photos and videos that were allegedly taken during the raid on the Capitol. Say to the camera, “Hey Nancy, go yourself.” According to court documents, the device linked to Carico’s Gmail account was on the restricted grounds of the Capitol from 2:18 pm to 3:55 pm on January 6.

On his IMDb page, Calico’s movie credits, My dad is in heaven, Inbit Winners, When full bloom.. on Sunday, Times I called the mobile phone number registered in Calico, but when asked to comment, the person who answered hung up.

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