Ada County Food Service Inspection April 6-12, 2021

Central District Health conducts annual inspections of food service facilities in Ada County. The items listed correspond to the risk factors most often associated with food poisoning. Additional items will be evaluated during the inspection. For more information, Southwest District Health has a similar test in Canyon County.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 2126 N. Eagle Road, Suite 100, Meridian

8 *, 10 *, 22 *

Gowen Chevron, 6450 S. Eisenman Road, Boise

21 *, 23 *

Kanak Kitchen, 1111 W. Jefferson St., Suite 450, Boise

15 *

Longhorn Steakhouse, 7997 Franklin Road, Boise

twenty four *

Molly Nelson Elementary School, 7701 W. Northview St., Boise

twenty one *

Paddle Up Poke, 237 N. 9th St., Boise

twenty four *

* The violation has been fixed.

Violation key

1 Inadequate food safety knowledge.

2 Certified Food Protection Manager — Certified Course.

3 Illness / Infectious Disease Report Required.

4 Improper restrictions and elimination of employees in the sick food service industry.

5 Inadequate vomiting and diarrhea cleansing procedures.

6 Eating, drinking, tasting, or using tobacco in the food processing area.

7 Food workers with secretions from the eyes, nose and / or throat.

8 Improper hand washing practices.

9 Bare-handed contact with ready-to-eat foods.

10 Inadequate hand washing equipment.

11 Foods that are not from an approved source.

12 Food received in dangerous condition.

13 Food is not safe to consume.

14 Inadequate records management of seafood and fish.

15 Improper separation and protection of food.

16 Improper cleaning and disinfection of food contact surfaces.

17 Food was returned and booked.

18 The cooking temperature and cooking time are incorrect.

19 Inappropriate reheating of food — temperature / time.

20 The food cooling process is incorrect.

21 Food is not at the proper heat retention temperature.

22 The cold storage temperature of food is incorrect.

23 Incorrect expiration date marking of food.

24 Insufficient time record for safe food management.

25 Inappropriate consumer recommendations for undercooked or raw foods.

26 Requires pasteurized or fully cooked food.

27 Misuse of food additives.

28 Toxic items are not properly stored / labeled.

29 Special food processing plans are not available / not obeyed.

Tested without serious risk factor violations

Barbara Morgan STEM Academy, 1825 Chateau Drive, Meridian

Beans and Brews, 6490 S. Eisenman Road, Boise

Boise Capitals Baseball, 8055 W. Goddard Road, Boise

Bonefish Grill, 855 W. Broad St., Boise

Botanica San Mateo, 2021 Special Event-Multiple, Boise

Burger King, 8378 W. Overland Road, Boise

Capital High School, 8055 W. Goddard Road, Boise

Chick-fil-A-Meridian Village, 2021 Extraordinary Event-Multiple, Boise

Chief Joseph Elementary School, 1100 E. Chateau Drive, Meridian

Corister School, 4426 W. Catarrh Padrive, Boise

Darjeeling Momo, 2021 Extraordinary Event-Multiple, Boise

Discovery Elementary, 2100 E. Leighfield Drive, Meridian

Fairmont Junior High School, 2121 N. Cole Road, Boise

Hillsdale Elementary School, 5225 S. Stokke Namway, Meridian

Hillside Junior High School, 3536 W. Hill Road, Boise

Horizon Elementary School, 730 N. Mitchell St., Boise

Hunter Elementary, 2051 W. McMillan Road, Meridian

Jacksons Food Stores, 6225 S. Five Mile Road, Boise

Jimmy John’s, 2959 N. Eagle Road, Suite 105, Meridian

Kitchen Creations, 11295 W. Ustick Road, Boise

LDS Bishops Storehouse, 10740 W. Fairview Ave., Ste 300, Boise

Lewis and Clark Middle School, 4141 E. Pine St., Meridians

Long Valley Coffee, 2021 Extraordinary Event-Multiple, Garden City

McDonald’s, 3251 E. Ustick Road, Meridian

McMillan Elementary School, 10901 W. McMillan Road, Boise

MFT Sauce and Rub Co, 2021 Temp Events-Multiple, Garden City

Mountain View High School, 2000 S. Millenium Way, Meridian

Pizza Hut, 10706 W. State St., Star

Pork Bowl, 2970 N. Eagle Road, Suite 101, Meridian

Ponderosa Elementary School, 2950 N. Naomi Avenue, Meridian

Prospect Elementary, 4300 N. Red Horseway, Meridian

Seeds, Roots, Shoots, 2021 Temp Events-Multiple, Boise

Siena Elementary School, 2870 E. Rome Drive, Meridian

Taft Elementary, 3722 W. Anderson Street, Boise

Walkin Waffle DBA Waffle Dutchness, 2021 Extraordinary Event-Multiple, Garden City

Timberbut Elk Ranch, 2021 Extraordinary Event-Multiple, Boise

Ustick Elementary School, 12435 W. Ustick Road, Boise

Victory Middle School, 920 W. Codiac Drive, Meridian

WinCo Foods — Bakery, Deli, Fish, Grocery, Meat, Pizza, Agricultural Products, 110 E. Myrtle St., Boise

Your Kitchen LLC, 48 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian

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