Adam Kinzinger attacks Rich Lowery on Meet the Press

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R., Ill.) attacked Rich Lowry during a Sunday appearance on NBC meet the press,Blame national review Editor biased in his analysis of Trump’s behavior January 6 And the wisdom to indict the former president out of sympathy for Trump and his supporters.

Kinzinger, an ardent Trump critic, was reacting to Lowry’s recent allegations. new york times guest essay In it, he argues that various investigations into Trump, including an investigation into his actions on January 6, have the kind of clarity needed to responsibly exercise the destabilizing power of indicting the former president. He argued that it was unlikely to produce strong evidence.

“Another impediment to the widespread acceptance of the possibility of indicting Trump on January 6 is that without conclusive evidence that we are unaware of, it is far from a clear case.” wrote Lowry. “Mr. Trump didn’t shoot anyone on Fifth Avenue. Ballistics and eyewitnesses all establish beyond a doubt that he is guilty of a frequently and properly prosecuted crime. , no matter how infamous, has engaged in political crimes against our constitutional system that criminal law is ill-equipped to address.”

“Trump, no matter how infamous, committed a political crime against our constitutional system that criminal law was not fit to address,” he continued.

Kinzinger argues that existing law is indeed broad enough to implicate Trump in his Jan. 6 crimes, and if existing law isn’t enough to prosecute, he will pass new law targeting Trump. I even suggested doing it.

You see, I had a lot of respect for Rich Lowry. I still read him from time to time. It’s amazing to see him veer from sort of an intellectual conservative to an anti-anti-Trumpist. So he’s against people who are against Trump. So he always says Of course there is no priority. No president of the United States has ever attempted a coup against the United States. So there is no priority. If you want new laws, make new laws. But I’m sure some laws can cover this. The DOJ seems very convinced of that.

The Illinois Representative is one of only two Republicans on the committee, the other being Rep. Liz Cheney, whose mission is not to bring criminal charges against Trump. However, the commission may eventually recommend prosecution in its final report. The deadline is he January 3, 2023.

Next, Rich, our job is not to prosecute Trump. Our job is to inform and discuss recommendations with the people of America. Here’s what I recommend. And I’m going to say this before the report. I recommend never electing anyone who doesn’t respect the Constitution of the United States, who doesn’t respect voters, who lies and abuses people. That’s Donald Trump. And people can rebel against those who oppose Donald Trump. But I’m not against Donald Trump for any personal reason, except that I love the United States of America. And he’s breaking it every day.

Lowry opposed Trump’s candidacy in the 2016 Republican primary. “Anti-Trump” special issue of national review Many prominent conservative writers have filed various lawsuits against his candidacy.

Trump criticized Lowry by name, calling him out in a recent press release, claiming he squandered his legacy national review Founder William F. Buckley did not embrace MAGA’s populism wholeheartedly, but by holding the magazine to its traditional conservatism tenets.

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