Adele shed tears after being surprised by the teacher who inspired her.

Adele is accustomed to astonishing fans at concerts, but this time she remained shocked. The “Easyon Me” singer filmed a British concert special called “An Audience With Adele,” similar to CBS’s “Adele: One Night Only,” which aired across the pond on Sunday night.

Of the channel twitter The account tweeted a clip of an event held at the London Palladium. There, actor Emma Thompson asked superstar vocalist about her childhood mentor.

Thompson wondered if Adele would support, inspire, or protect her “from all the trials and hardships of life” when she was young.

“Yes, I had a teacher who taught English to Chestnut Grove.” 33 year old singer answered. “It was Miss McDonald.”

“Have you ever been in touch?” Thompson seemed to know what would happen next and asked.

Adele said she hadn’t seen her teacher since she was 12 years old before she began to admire her.

“She was very cool,” the singer remembered. “It’s very attractive. She really cared for us, and we knew she cared for us.”

“Yes, that’s strange, but it’s actually interesting enough …” Thompson said, dragging.

Finally catching up, Adele turned to the audience and asked, “Is she here? Is McDonald’s here?”

Her former English teacher emerged from the crowd when the room erupted with cheers and applause. As McDonald’s approached, Adele wept and said, “Hello! You look like a wonderful loved one!”

They hugged and McDonald’s replied, “Oh, that’s what I’m very proud of.”

When Adele said he wasn’t expecting a reunion, McDonald’s assured her that the singer laughed, “It’s okay. It should have been a surprise.”

McDonald’s shared that she no longer teaches and is now focused on raising children. “Thank you for remembering me,” McDonald’s kindly said to the ex-student.

“No, you really changed my life,” Adele said cheerfully to the audience before saying, “Mom, can you believe me?”

McDonald then pointed out her two children in the crowd.

Before McDonald’s returned to his seat “My Little Love” singer She asked if she could give me her phone number. She added, “I still have my books you know! I have all my books since you were my teacher.”

The singer then left the stage a bit to cry and get her make-up. Crowd shots revealed that celebrities such as Emma Watson, Dua Lipa, and Idris Elba were present to see the reunion of tears.

After the special broadcast, the singer Tweet Included a cry to her ex-mentor about a meaningful night.

She writes: “Home Sweet Home. I always dreamed of doing’Audience with …’. The rooms had a lot of love for each other and it felt like a gig like that! Everyone was noisy. , Smashed it! And my teacher, McDonald’s, was there, it was just heaven, “with the heart emoji.

Heartfelt interaction continued after creating another emotional moment during Adele CBS “Adele: One Night Only”“A fan asked his girlfriend to marry him.

Adele asked the audience to silence when Quentin proposed to his girlfriend Ashley in front of musicians and the entire audience at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

After Ashley put the ring on his finger, Adele joked. Before crouching towards the ballad “Make You Feel My Love”.