Admiral gets hot when the Cabinet orders McDonald’s to take a vacation in a battle between the Liberal parties


Ottawa — The battle between the Federal Liberal Government and Admiral Art McDonald intensified on Thursday as the Cabinet Minister ordered naval officers to take a vacation rather than returning as commander of the Canadian Army.

A surprising move just days before the expected election call has already been made since McDonald’s lawyers issued a rebellious statement on Wednesday that their clients plan to return as chief defense staff. It represents the latest twist on a drama that took several turns.

The McDonald’s team said the McDonald’s team had exonerated the Admiral and paved the way for his return.

However, Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan responded to McDonald’s lawyer a few hours later, saying he expected the admiral to take a vacation until the government could decide what to do with him.

McDonald’s voluntarily resigned as Secretary of Defense on February 24 to investigate the Constitutional Corps. Wayne Air takes over as Deputy Chief of Defense.

On Thursday, Sajjan announced that McDonald’s would be on leave until further notice. A senior government official talking about the background said the announcement followed the Order in Council from the Cabinet.

“Appointments like the Secretary of Defense must meet the highest standards possible, and our goal is to create a better workplace for women and men in the Canadian Armed Forces,” Sajan said in a statement. Added in.

“A workplace that ensures that the claimant and survivor are treated with the utmost respect and that the claim is taken seriously in all cases.”

Sajjan has shown that Eyre will continue to be Chief of Defense.

McDonald’s lawyer Rory Fowler declined to comment on Thursday.

The nature of the allegations against McDonald’s has not been publicly confirmed, but the CBC reports that it is related to allegations of sexual misconduct dating back to the time when he commanded Canadian warships in 2010.

Global News reported that Navy Lieutenant Heather Mac Donald, a Navy combat system engineer, filed a motion against McDonald’s. McDonald’s was quoted by Global on Friday for saying she was upset by the gendarmerie decision.

The Liberal government is facing a call not to revive McDonald’s, and some experts and supporters of the victims have questioned the decision to have the military police lead the investigation rather than the civilian authorities.

These experts and supporters suggest that this casts doubt on the credibility of the investigation, and that McDonald’s currently lacks the moral authority to lead the army and change culture.

They also state that the Chief of Defense Chief of Defense has been appointed by the joy of a powerful government and is serving that joy.

McDonald’s legal team took office as Secretary of Defense just five weeks before resigning, and a former Royal Canadian Navy commander who had never publicly commented on the case said he remained innocent. rice field.

They added that they took office as Secretary of Defense in January after McDonald’s passed a polygraph test asking about past cases of fraud and cooperated fully during the investigation.

The lawyer also cited the need to respect due process in Canada.

By Lee Berthiaume

Canadian press