Advances in voluntary assisted suicide in New South Wales

New South Wales is one step closer to permitting assisted suicide, and the legislature will vote for the new law next week.

New South Wales is Australia’s only state that does not allow assisted suicide of late-stage people.

The state Senate passed legislation in the second reading phase with a 20-17 vote on Wednesday night.

Independent member of Sydney’s Alex Greenwich said members of the House of Councilors will discuss amendments to the bill next Wednesday, followed by a final vote.

The groundbreaking law passed the House of Representatives with a majority of 20 last year.

“This was a long journey and a long postponement,” Greenwich said.

“We know that New South Wales is the last state to embrace this compassionate reform.”

Greenwich said the bill is one of the most conservative models in the country and that 46 amendments have already been passed.

“Call the House of Councilors not to create barriers and work to achieve assisted suicide in New South Wales by the end of next week,” he said.

The assisted suicide bill was submitted to Parliament with 28 co-sponsors, more than any other law in Australian history.

Proponents of the bill rallyed outside the New South Wales State Parliament on Wednesday.

Shayne Higson, President of the NSW Chapter, told AAP:

“We know that the bill is not endorsed by our Prime Minister, so we need to continue to put pressure on it.

“Fortunately, the New South Wales Parliament has enough members to reflect support in the community, and that support is now being shown in the House of Councilors.”

Archbishop Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher said that “Kill Bill” divided society into two classes.

“We are afraid that the bill will dehumanize the medical and nursing profession and create a health industry that could be more cost-effective or expedient by killing people,” he said in a statement. Stated.



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