Adviser Trump’s email states that “election stuff” was repeatedly prioritized over the president’s pandemic response.


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An email received by the House Select Subcommittee investigating the Trump White House’s pandemic response reveals that the Trump administration continued to prioritize challenging 2020 election results over COVID-19 response. I made it. Win McNamie / Getty Images

  • The Trump administration continued to prioritize challenging the 2020 election results over responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • This is due to an email sent by Steven Hatfill, a virologist who worked on the Trump White House COVID response.

  • The email was obtained by the House Select Subcommittee investigating the government’s COVID-19 response.

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A new document from the House Select Subcommittee’s investigation reports that the Trump administration prioritized former President Donald Trump’s attempt to challenge the elections over the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Email from Steven hatfill, A virologist who advised the White House Trade Director Peter Navarro It was Obtained by House Select Subcommittee currently investigating the US Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic When Share with The Washington Post..

Hatfil’s letter reiterates its commitment to the election issue over pandemic response.

For example, in response to a January 5 email from a colleague at George Washington University asking why he “did not fix the virus,” Hatfill said it was due to a controversy over election results.

“Because the elections got out of hand. I go where my team goes,” Hatfil wrote in his reply.

Hatfil also wrote in an email that he had shifted his focus from the pandemic response to the November fraud investigation and in a letter that he was working on “election-related.”

This includes a trip to Arizona, an email to White House officials on the Dominion voting system conspiracy theory, and an email Navarro on “Plan B for the Trump Court Struggle” intended “for Rudy.” Includes transfer to. Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani..

There is No evidence of widespread fraudulent voting in 2020 elections..judgement Decided to strongly oppose the proceedings of the Trump camp Allegations of fraudulent voting in states such as Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

However, according to Hatfil’s email, the Trump administration’s COVID-19 response had already taken the “backseat” in the fall of 2020.

“COVID is taking the backseat now that the elections are very close, but the illness is again ugly,” Hatfil said in an email to an unnamed colleague in October. I wrote it in an email.

“From November to December 2020, the pandemic continued to worsen in the United States. In the last two months alone, more than 11 million new cases have occurred and 132,770 have died,” said COVID-19 House Select. Subcommittee Chairman James Cryburn said. September 23 Note..

“The Election Subcommittee has contributed to one of the biggest leadership failures in U.S. history, with Trump Whitehouse officials working on a pandemic response working to nullify the 2020 elections from a coronavirus response. I’m trying to figure out if I did, “writes Cryburn.

Cliburn added that nearly 200,000 Americans died of COVID-19 between the day of the election and the day of their inauguration.

Hatfill responded to The Washington Post In a statement, he asked about the Sub-Committee’s investigation and wrote: “From my point of view as a doctor, I was dissatisfied with the treatment of public health as political football.

“In addition, I was fed up with the destruction of the national pandemic program by the hands of conflicting little bureaucrats. It’s a plan that focuses on early treatment and community engagement, rather than experimental vaccines and panics.” Hatfill added in a statement to the post.

“In fact, we don’t know how many people are infected in the United States. We expect the first wave to spread in the United States within the next seven days,” Hatfil wrote to Navarro on February 29.

Hatfield was one of the first voices to warn about a pandemic. In a February 2020 email to Navarro, Hill first reported, he told his boss that the coronavirus was “frankly honest and taken about the situation and is definitive and can be seen in the broadcast news. He said it should be treated as “direct action”.

He recommended an increase in coronavirus testing and suggested that the National Guard help distribute the test. However, Hatfil’s recommendation given to Trump by Navarro was not accepted.

Hatfill did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

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