Aerial view of a burning building in the Solomon Islands


Reuters video

Solomon Islands protesters oppose blockade of capital

The Solomon Islands imposed a 36-hour blockade in the capital Honiara on Wednesday night. The move is the result of fierce protests calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Manasesogabare. Solomons opposed the blockade on Thursday’s second day and protested in the capital. A video obtained by Reuters the day before showed protesters reporting that crowds were demonstrating near the Capitol in the Pacific, a building including a police station was on fire, and stores were looted. Is angry with many domestic issues, including unfulfilled infrastructure promises. However, public anxiety is also associated with broader geopolitical conflicts. The government is facing pressure from the state of Malaita, where many protesters have traveled over the decision to cut off relations with Taiwan two years ago while building formal relations with China. Malaita, the country’s most populous island, refused to change diplomatic relations and instead worked with the United States to seek its own independence. Beijing and Washington have sought Pacific allies to build influence in the region.