Afghan family names baby girl after the US plane she was born in


Afghan baby parents Born during an evacuation flight Starting Saturday, she named her daughter after a U.S. military aircraft that safely carried them in Europe. The baby was named Reach after the C-17 aircraft’s callsign, Reach 828.

General Tod Walters, commander of the U.S. European Command, told reporters Wednesday that officials were in contact with Reach’s parents.

“They named the girl Reach,” Walters said. “And they did so for the callsign of the C-17 aircraft that flew them from Qatar to Ramstein. [Air Force base in Germany].. ”

Shortly after Reach’s mother gave birth by plane, she began to experience complications due to low blood pressure, officials said in a statement on Saturday. The aircraft commander then moved to low altitudes to raise the air pressure inside the cabin of the plane. This is a decision that “helped to stabilize and save the mother’s life.”

Reach was born on a plane after landing in Rammstein, and she and her mother were taken to a nearby medical facility.

Walters smiled at reporters Wednesday about the baby and said she hoped she would join the US Air Force someday.

“As you can imagine, my dream is to see a young child named Reach, an Air Force fighter pilot, grow up to become a U.S. citizen and fly a U.S. Air Force fighter,” the commander said. ..

At least two babies were born shortly after her mother fled Afghanistan, Walters said. But they were born in a medical center.

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