Afghan officials say the rocket was struck near the presidential palace

Kabul, Afghanistan (AP) — At least three rockets were hit near the presidential residence on Tuesday, just before Afghan President Ashraf Ghani gave a speech commemorating the Islamic Idaada holiday.

Interior Minister spokesman Milweiss Stanikzai said no one was injured and the rocket landed outside the fortified palace grounds.

No one was immediately responsible for the rocket attack. The palace is in the middle of the so-called green zone, reinforced with huge cement blast walls and barbed wire, and the streets near the palace have long been closed.

The barrage occurs when the United States and NATO complete their final withdrawal from Afghanistan. Afghanistan is not sure if a war-torn country will fall deeper into turmoil and violence. The withdrawal is more than 95% complete, and the final US soldier will die by August 31, President Joe Biden said in a speech earlier this month.

Abdullah Abdullah, the second government bureaucrat, returned on Monday from the first high-level peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar, the Middle East. The two-day meeting, aimed at rushing to start a deadlocked discussion, ended with a higher level of discussion promise.

Abdullah was in the palace at the time of the rocket attack. However, the people in the palace were far from where the rocket landed.

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