Afghan refugees “clearly linked” to the Taliban arrested in Paris

Authorities confirmed after a man in Afghani, who was recently aired from Kabul to Paris, was detained by French police for suspected relations with the Taliban and did not comply with quarantine orders.

French Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin said on Tuesday that one of the five Afghan refugees under close scrutiny by the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) left the surveillance area for “minutes” and was cross-examined. Announced that he was detained for. ..

“Sure, there were people who had something to do with the Taliban,” Dermanin said in a newscaster’s French newscaster, adding that refugees assisted French troops in evacuating journalists and French citizens from Cabourg.

“He helped us get the French out, journalists, 100 Afghans who could come to our land because they helped the French,” he said. .. “This person, his family, and his friends have or are likely to have a relationship with the Taliban government in Afghanistan, so we decided to put him under surveillance.”

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French Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin met with a journalist on August 16, 2021 in Cavaillon, southern France. (Via Nicholas Tukat / AFP, Getty Images)

The refugee belonged to the Taliban and admitted to possessing weapons in the blockade of Kabul, which he was responsible for. The other four evacuees are also believed to be associated with him, but details of their claims have not been provided.

Five men were asked to stay in a hotel in the Paris area for quarantine, as well as all evacuees arriving in France without being fully vaccinated with COVID-19.

Since then, many officials have said the French government has helped Afghan men with clear Taliban ties, despite intelligence information that Afghan men supported previously designated terrorist groups. Criticized.

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Xavier Bertrand, president of the French province of Leode in France and a candidate for the 2022 French presidential election, visited the site of Esatoco in Tuare-sur-Loire in western France on July 27, 2021. take a photo. Sebastien Salom-Gomis via Getty Images)

Xavier Bertrand, chairman of the French Regional Council of Aude, and a candidate for the 2022 French presidential election, Said The government must publicly explain “what prevents these individuals from being expelled in absolute urgency.”

Eric Ciotti, a member of the Republican French National Assembly (LR), has called on authorities to “have much tighter control over repatriation.”

“There is a risk in the fifth row. The Taliban can send their soldiers to France in a flood of refugees,” Ciotti said. I have written On Twitter. “Our own transport cannot be a Taliban Trojan.”

“There were no breaches,” Dharmanin said, saying security checks had been completed in Abu Dhabi, where the French had transferred evacuees before their next trip to Paris.

Over the past week, a total of more than 1,000 Afghans, nearly 100 French, and more than 40 from other nationalities have been evacuated from France, officials said.

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After evacuating from Kabul as part of Operation “Apagan,” people have soldiers check their luggage at the Reunion and Evacuation Center at French Air and Space Force Base 104 in Al Dhafra near Abu Dhabi on August 23, 2021. (Bertland Guay via Getty Images / AFP)

In the midst of a turbulent withdrawal and an impending evacuation deadline, security failures of evacuees spilled from Kabul have been reported in the United Kingdom and other countries.

UK on monday Individuals on the “No Flight” list As part of an evacuation effort, he was flown from Afghanistan to Britain by a British military aircraft, saying the person was no longer considered dangerous.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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