Afghan Special Forces Commando held after armed police attacked Manchester Quarantine Hotel


Afghan Refugees-ZUMA Press Wire

Afghan Refugees-ZUMA Press Wire

Afghan Special Forces Commando, People who came to England with their families, Held after armed police attacked him Quarantine Hotel In Manchester.

A man arriving in Britain on an evacuation flight from Kabul was detained about 10 days ago by order of the Interior Ministry.

Authorities refused to confirm why the man was detained, but it is not considered to be a terrorist-related issue or one of MI5’s concerns.

Members of Afghanistan’s special forces who supported the British efforts were given a safe haven in Britain after the Allied withdrawal.

Greater Manchester Police and the Interior Ministry refused to comment on the case, but the investigation is believed to be related to immigration issues.

last month, UK no-fly zone list He was sent to Birmingham as part of an evacuation operation. The no-fly zone is designed to block people who are considered security threats from reaching the United Kingdom.

However, as a result of the investigation, they were determined not to be interested and no further action was taken.