Afghan villagers look for survivors when flash floods kill at least 40 people

Kabul — Afghan villagers desperately hunt for survivors after flash floods struck a narrow valley in the Taliban-controlled area, killing at least 40 people and destroying dozens of homes early Thursday morning. rice field.

According to Afghan officials, the Kamdesh district of the eastern province of Nuristanis was under Taliban control and poor communication made it difficult to obtain reliable information.

“According to initial information, 60 homes have been destroyed and about 100 people are missing,” said Samiullah Zarbi, a spokesman for the State Department of Disaster Management.

The villagers recovered about 40 bodies, either from the water or buried under the rubble of the house, Saadullah Payenda Zoy, head of the state legislature, told Reuters.

The Taliban said it would give humanitarian agencies safe access to the area.

Taliban spokesman Zybra Mujahid told Reuters, “Unfortunately, half of the village with more than 100 homes was washed away by the heavy floods last night, sadly killing or missing more than 100 people. It has become. “

He said Taliban fighters are helping villagers look for missing persons.

Afghanistan has always struggled to provide emergency services in remote and isolated areas such as Nuristan.

But the challenge is exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and heightened violence as Taliban militants attack government forces and prepare the last U.S.-led foreign army to depart next month. ..

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