Afghanistan resigns as diplomat ambassador from Islamabad

Kabul-Afghanistan withdrew its ambassador and diplomats from the Pakistani capital after the ambassador’s daughter was kidnapped, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Sunday.

The daughter of Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan was confiscated on Friday and detained for several hours by an unknown perpetrator who left injuries and rope marks, and Pakistani officials said they were investigating.

“The Afghan government has recalled Kabul’s ambassador and senior diplomats until security threats, including the arrest and punishment of perpetrators, have been completely eliminated,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry called the decision “regrettable” and said it wanted the Afghan government to reconsider it in a statement.

“The Foreign Minister met with the Afghan ambassador today, highlighting all the steps taken by the government in this context and reassuring him full cooperation.”

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has made the issue a top priority and hopes to catch the criminal within 48 hours, the Interior Minister said Saturday.

Pakistan is considered a key player in Afghanistan’s peace process, with Taliban terrorists taking over territory weeks after US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of US troops by September 11.

Neighboring countries have long had a cold relationship. Kabul has accused Pakistan of allowing a safe haven in the Taliban, and Islamabad has accused Kabul of allowing militants to use their territory to launch attacks in Pakistan.

Pakistan was acknowledged for helping take the Taliban to the negotiating table for the peace talks that began in Qatar last year, but the negotiations failed to make substantial progress and the Taliban attacked. Strengthened.

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