Afghanistan’s anti-Taliban resistance has not responded to international support


Afghan resistance fighter.

Afghan resistance fighter. AHM ADSAHEL ARMAN / AFP via Getty Images

Fledgling anti-Taliban resistance in Afghanistan’s unconquered Panjshir province is reportedly widespread, but no one has been found calling for international assistance. New York Times Report..

Armies gathered in Panjshir, led by Ahmad Shah Massoud, the son of anti-Soviet and anti-Taliban resistance fighter Ahmad Shah Massoud, have called on other countries for financial assistance. But all the governments they talked to were “quiet,” said Hamid Saifi, a former Afghan army commander and now commander of Masoud. Said Times.. “America, Europe, China, Russia, they’re all quiet,” he said.

Rahmatullah Nabil, the former director of the National Directorate of Security in Afghanistan, Times It is described as “the Taliban’s adversary.” Said Young Masoud is in a “more difficult situation than his father.” Elder Masoud received limited support from local governments such as Russia, India, Iran and Tajikistan when he was fighting the Taliban in the late 1990s, but now “they are not interested” in Nabil. Said.

Still, neither Nabil nor Saifi think Masoud is hopeless, Times Report. “We will turn into a guerrilla war,” Saifi said. Said.. “You don’t need thousands of troops to fight this war.” Read more New York Times..

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