Afghanistan’s Taliban takeover boldes militants: Britain’s anti-terrorist chief


The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan “encourages and boldly” Islamic extremists, and Britain is wary of an increasing threat of terrorism, Britain’s domestic intelligence director said Friday.

Talking to the BBC’s Today Program on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Ken McCallum, director of MI5 intelligence, also said that the threat of terrorism in the United Kingdom was “realistic and permanent.”

Epoch Times Photo
MI5 Director Ken McCallum was filmed in London on October 14, 2020. (UK Government / Handouts / Reuters)

“There is no doubt that the events in Afghanistan have encouraged and bolded some of those extremists,” he said.

The British government has promised to judge the Taliban “by their actions,” but McCallum plans that British security agencies could “more risk gradually flow into our path.” He said.

Large-scale “more directional plans” from terrorist organizations take time to organize and execute, but MI5’s chief said that the “psychological boost” of potential terrorists is “overnight.” He said it could happen.

“We are facing a consistent global struggle to defeat radicalism and prevent terrorism. This is a real problem,” he said.

He revealed that British security agencies have disrupted 31 terminal terrorist programs in the last four years. “Not only are there more plans for attacks, mainly Muslims, but more are plans for attacks from right-wing terrorists.”

He said the threat was not mitigated by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic. “Even during the pandemic period we all endured over the last two years, we had to confuse the six late attack plans.”

McCallum said the 20-year effort to reduce the threat of terrorism from Afghanistan was “greatly successful” in destroying the terrorist infrastructure and the ability to organize large-scale terrorist attacks.

“What happened in the last 20 years was that on 9/11, we had to face a large and well-funded organization in al-Qaeda with safe shelters and catch up in a dramatic way. . “

But he said the result of the successful reduction of large-scale terrorist attacks was the growth of “inspired terrorism.”

He said he “caught what al-Qaeda did not” by inspiring many to try small-scale terrorist acts through online grooming by the ISIS terrorist group.

“The number of parcels we are confusing today is actually higher than the number of parcels that came to us after 9/11, but on average they are smaller parcels that are less sophisticated. “He said.

“Therefore, we are both in the potential regrowth of al-Qaeda-style directed plots, as well as the increase in inspiring terrorism that has become a real trend to deal with over the last five to ten years. You need to be careful. “

PA contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan