Afghans who worked closely with Canada in Afghanistan reach BC with their families

Vancouver — More than 200 Afghan refugees have arrived in Vancouver since the Taliban ruled Afghanistan last August.

Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Refugees, said the recent arrival was one of a total of 7,000 refugees currently being airlifted to different parts of Canada.

He states that 161 of the new arrivals will remain in Vancouver and the remaining 48 will settle elsewhere in the country with family ties.

According to a statement from the Minister, a charter plane from Pakistan on Tuesday carried people whose work, primarily in Afghanistan, was related to “an important or lasting relationship between the Government of Canada and its families.”

The British Columbia State Government announced a $ 2 million fund in November to strengthen local services and support for families resettled in the state due to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

In a statement released Wednesday, Municipal Minister Josie Osborne said the fund would ensure that communities throughout British Columbia were ready to welcome and respond to the needs of Afghan refugees.

“Our government’s priority is to make the service accessible to all newcomers arriving at BC and to provide the support needed to give them the best chances for success and prosperity,” Osborne said. Stated in a statement.

Canadian press