African Union urges the end of the military junta

On April 19, 2021, a Russian-made T-55 tank was seen stationed at a roundabout in N'Djamena, Chad.

Chad’s army is the center of the fight against Islamic extremists in West Africa

The African Union called for the end of a military junta in Chad, where the president was killed by rebels.

The military soon announced that Idriss Dévi’s son would lead the military council for 18 months before the elections took place.

Former colonial France, which has a large military base in Chad, appeared to be pushing for a takeover for “stability” in an “exceptional situation.”

Opposition parties have also blamed what they called a “dynasty coup.”

Trade unions are demanding a general strike, but a faction from a rebel group said Chad was “not a monarchy.”

The African Union Peace and Security Council has appointed 37-year-old General Mahamat Debbie Itono and expressed “grave concern” about the military takeover that the parliament disbanded.

AU’s 15 security agencies discussed the situation on Thursday, but waited for a statement until the end of Debbie’s funeral on Friday.

He said power should be restored “quickly” to civilian authorities.

According to the Constitution, if the president dies, the chairman of parliament must take over and organize a new election.

Debbie, 68, had just been elected for his sixth term when the military announced on Tuesday that he had been fatally injured in a clash with a rebel fact fighter in northern Kanem.

He was France’s main ally in the fight against jihadist groups throughout West Africa, and French President Emmanuel Macron was one of the foreign leaders and thousands of Chadians who paid homage to his funeral. ..

French President Emmanuel Macron (left) and General Mahamato Idris Devi (right), son of the late President Chad Idris Devi, will attend the state funeral of the late President Chad Idris Devi on April 23, 2021 in N'Djamena.

President Macron was sitting next to General Mahamato Debbie Itono during Friday’s funeral

“You lived as a soldier and died as a soldier with weapons. You gave your life for Chad to protect the citizens,” Macron said, standing beside Debbie’s casket.

While he was in Chad, Macron met with General Mahamato Debbie Itono, along with leaders from Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania and Niger. Islamic State Group.

“Army division spells a fragile beginning”

Analysis by Lalla Sy, BBC News

President Chad was one of Africa’s longest-serving rulers and a close ally of Western nations, especially France.

The support given to President Idriss Dévi was officially aimed at fighting rebels in West Africa and Central Africa and Islamic extremists, as well as Chad intelligence, aerial surveillance, and even Chad strategic. It consisted of protection of the main points.

The presence of foreign troops is never accepted by the locals, especially if they are former colonial soldiers.

The idea that France intentionally maintains some turmoil in the region to protect its interests is believed by many.

However, the division within the Chad army-while rebels reject him altogether, but only partially supports the new leader-provides fear of instability as the fragile transition progresses.

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