After 100 days of absence, Trump’s support is eased by NBC News polls

Washington — Absence, Twitter, Still complaining about election results — Not kind to our new nation, Donald Trump, for the past 100 days A poll of NBC News was found.

His rating among all adults was 32% positive, 55% unfavorable, his January rating (40% favorable, 53% unfavorable among registered voters), and Evaluation by voting just before the election (43% favorable, 52% disadvantageous among registered voters).

By comparison, President Biden’s current advantages / disadvantages are 50% positive and 36% negative.

While 44% of Republicans say they are more supporters of Trump than GOP, Trump seems to be less attracted within the party. Meanwhile, 50% say they are more supporters of the GOP than the former president.

This is the first time party supporters have surpassed Trump supporters in our polls since July 2019, and the first time party supporters have reached 50 percent on this question.

Surprisingly, these numbers come because Trump couldn’t get any more recognition that he was pulling within the party.

Republican politicians are still trekking to Mar-a-Lago. They are seeking his support.And House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Keep hugging Trump even after what happened on January 6th.

But nearly 100 days after his resignation, Trump’s position is weaker today, both nationally and within his own party, than it was three months ago.

Now we know what you’re probably thinking: The 2020 poll underestimates Trump’s support, so this poll probably doesn’t underestimate his current support either. Hmm?

And you may be right.

But let’s say he improved his favorable / unfavorable score by 5 points in both directions. That is, 37% positive and 50% negative.

For someone that many Republicans continue to see as leaders in their party, it’s still a rough set of numbers.

You are what you consume (news)

Here are some other numbers to chew from the new NBC News polls: There is a big difference in political attitudes between those who consume conservative media (Fox News, Newsmax, OAN) and those who consume everything else.

Percentage of Trump’s “very positive” view

  • All adults: 21 percent.

  • Conservative media diet: 46 percent.

  • Liberal Media Diet (MSNBC, CNN): 8 percent.

  • Social media (how to get most of the news): 21 percent.

  • Print, TV broadcast, local news (no cable or social media): 11 percent.

Percentage of Biden “strongly disapproved”

  • All adults: 33 percent.

  • Conservative media diet: 62 percent.

  • Liberal Media Diet: 12 percent.

  • Social media: 29 percent.

  • Print, TV broadcast, local news: 27%.

The most important issues by group

  • All adults: coronavirus, 30 percent.

  • Conservative media diet: borders and immigrants, 40 percent.

  • Liberal Media Diet: Coronavirus, 42 percent.

  • Social media: Coronavirus, 31% percent.

  • Print, TV broadcast, local news: Coronavirus, 34 percent.

Percentage of describing Biden as “very liberal”

  • All adults: 29 percent.

  • Conservative media diet: 54 percent.

  • Liberal Media Diet: 14 percent.

  • Social media: 31 percent.

  • Print, TV broadcast, local news: 20 percent.

Percentage of prioritizing “don’t vote for ineligible people”

  • All adults: 38 percent.

  • Conservative media diet: 60 percent.

  • Liberal Media Diet: 20 percent.

  • Social media: 35 percent.

  • Print, TV broadcast, local news: 34 percent.

Percentage of people not vaccinated

  • All adults: 12 percent.

  • Conservative media diet: 20 percent.

  • Liberal Media Diet: 4%.

  • Social media: 9 percent.

  • Print, TV broadcast, local news: 10 percent.

Today’s tweet

Data Download: Numbers You Need to Know Today

58 percent: The share of Americans who say their bigger concern is to make sure that every new one can be done by everyone who wants to vote NBC News Poll..

38 percent: Their bigger concern share is to ensure that no one who is not eligible to vote will vote.

1.6 million: Number of valid signatures collected by supporters of the call election for California Governor Gavin Newsom, According to the Secretary of State.

$ 400 million: How much is the call election May be expensiveAccording to the California Secretary and Election Commissioner Association.

$ 15 per hour: New minimum wage for federal contractors starting in January, based on President Biden’s executive order Set to sign..

89: The number of New Yorkers was short of that number to maintain one of the New York seats.

32,276,517: Number of Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in the United States Latest data From NBC News and health authorities. (50,919 more than yesterday morning.)

576,763: Number of deaths from the virus in the United States so far Latest data From NBC News. (474 more than yesterday morning.

230,768,454: Number of Vaccine dose Managed in the United States

26.5%: Percentage of fully vaccinated Americans

2: The number of days left for Biden to reach his 100-day vaccination goal.

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