After a driver crash, the school bus with 23 children flips over

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Dramatic footage shows that the truck slightly missed an Ohio school bus when the brakes failed.

Dramatic footage released by Ohio officials shows a truck with a slight brake failure to avoid a collision with a school bus on the morning of April 19. Images from multiple cameras released by the Monville Police Department in Medina County captured the moment the truck and the school bus turned to avoid the bus when the incident occurred. The incident occurred while attending an elementary school in the Medina school district. Authorities told local media. Stop it, stop it, stop it! When he approached the bass and honked a few times, he was in a painful tone. The footage on the school bus showed shocked passengers, including children. One passenger said, “Oh, he’s not going to get it done!” According to local media, the truck driver told authorities later that morning that the brakes stopped working when he drove a £ 80,000 vehicle. The Monville Police Department said on Facebook: Probably saved thanks to the quick action of the truck driver.Credit: Montville Police Station via Storyful