After a fierce showdown, House Democrats pursue a $ 3.5 trillion spending plan at Biden’s children’s allowance and free tuition community college


Nancy Pelosi

House speaker Nancy Pelosi. Kevin Ditch / Getty Images

  • The House Democratic Party has pushed ahead with a $ 3.5 trillion spending plan after the clash between Pelosi and the moderates.

  • Voting was 220-212, opposed by all Republicans.

  • When the Democrats draft a social spending plan this fall, it may foresee a fierce battle.

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Democrats in the house advanced $ 3.5 trillion spending plan A partisan vote advanced an important part of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda after a major intra-party brawl that exposed the Democratic division.

Democratic approved Budget blueprint With 220-212 votes against unanimous Republican opposition.They rely on procedural operations that put together multiple measures, including rules that set the boundaries of debate, with bipartisan infrastructure bills. Voting rights bill The house passed after a few hours.

In a floor speech in response to Mr. Sen, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “By passing this rule, alongside the New Deal and the great society, we will make legislative progress that will not be seen in 50 years. Will pave the way for generations of better building planning. ” .. Bernie Sanders, Vermont, the main designer of the project.

“This law will be the largest and perhaps most controversial initiative that all of us have embarked on in our public life,” she said.

Republicans have blown up the bill as a huge package with useless progressive priorities. “It should really be called the’mountain of debt for children’,” said Steve Scalise, a Louisiana lawmaker.

Biden later praised the progress Democrats made at Capitol Hill. “The important thing is for us to get together and move on to the agenda,” he said.

Partyline spending plans expand Medicare and set up a national program for initiatives to address the climate crisis, including paid family and medical leave, free tuition community colleges, children’s allowances, and other provisions. To do. These formed the pillars of Biden’s first work, and family planning took place in the spring.

The Democratic Party will also include a path to citizenship for some immigrants living in the United States without permission. They aim to raise money for the package with a series of tax increases for the wealthiest Americans and large corporations.

Tuesday concludes a notable confrontation between Pelosi and the 10 Democratic moderate block. Biden’s domestic agenda Swath appeared to be at risk of getting stuck in the Democratic fighting over the past day.

Efforts to bail out spending plans can foresee a fierce intra-party brawl, given that voting only unlocks another step in the reconciliation process and does not approve the completed legislation. There is also sex.

Reconciliation is a tactic used to pass a particular bill with a simple majority vote. However, in the 50-50 Senate, the procedure requires all 50 Senate Democrats to remain united, so Vice President Kamala Harris will vote for a tiebreaker.

Drafting legislative details is expected to take weeks to complete and could lead to more battles between progressives and moderates competing for tax increases, medical and social safety net priorities. I have. To quell the centrist rebellion, Pelosi promised to pass an infrastructure bill by September 27.

A medium-sized faction led by New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer Rebelled earlier this month He called on the House of Representatives to first pass a $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill focusing on roads and bridges before considering supporting a partisan spending plan.

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For nearly two months, Pelosi delved into her claim that the House of Representatives would vote for a bipartisan bill only after the Senate passed another Democratic-only spending package this fall. schedule.

Minnesota’s progressive lawmaker Ilhan Omar called the clash between Pelosi and the moderates an “s — show.”

“I don’t understand what they expected to achieve,” Omar told reporters Tuesday, and moderates were bargaining because they didn’t get the immediate vote for the infrastructure they sought. He added that he believed he had weakened.

Progressive has doubled the approach. “As members have revealed for three months, the two are tied together and only after the settlement bill has been passed,” said Washington Rep. Pramirajayapal, head of Parliamentary Progressive Corcus. To vote for. ” statement.

Pelosi’s ploy aims to force house progressives to support infrastructure bills that they claim to be inadequate, and has become moderate to support larger social spending packages. .. However, it has sparked opposition from some Democrats who said it was not necessary to postpone the bill to repair roads, bridges and highways and fund broadband connections.

Florida lawmaker Stephanie Murphy said he would pass a popular, already-written bipartisan infrastructure bill, subject to the passage of a controversial, unwritten party settlement bill. I’m embarrassed by the wrong strategy of my party. “Said in Orlando Sentinel Editorial It was released on Monday night. Moderate members called it “bad policy.”

One of the Democratic priorities is to extend the temporary children’s allowance to at least 2025, as initially set out in Biden’s spending plan. The majority of American families are eligible to receive a monthly check from the federal government for children under the age of 17.

House Expenditure Commissioner Rosa DeLauro told insiders about the expanded child tax credit.

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