After a melee attack on stage in Sri Lanka, Mrs. World abandons the crown

Colombo, Sri Lanka (AP) —Mrs. World, who reigned on Friday, abandoned her title in support of her decision to pull the crown away from the head of Mrs. Sri Lanka’s title holder this year. Because she is divorced.

Mrs. World 2020 winner Caroline Julie was accused of injuring Pushpica de Silva, who was crowned Mrs. Sri Lanka on a pageant aired in Colombo on Sunday. Julie was arrested Thursday and later released on bail.

In a video statement on Friday, Julie opposed “injustice” and the pageant said it was “contaminated.”

“My only intention was to confront the injustices caused by the athletes through this competition, which was contaminated with intense politics,” she said.

Julie had seen the contest damaged “from the beginning” and added that he wanted to give all contestants equal opportunities. She emphasized that she would not show any favor to anyone.

“I’m ready to hand over the crown now,” she said before removing the crown from her head.

Following Sunday’s bust-up, De Silva revealed that she was separated from her husband but not divorced. Mrs. Sri Lanka is part of the Mrs. World Beauty Contest for Married Women.

De Silva said: Divorce is another thing, “said a Facebook statement.

But on Friday, Julie said:

She said the pageant was not intended to discriminate against divorced women, but “to celebrate the dreams of married women.”

Julie, who is also Sri Lanka, faces allegations that she injured Decilva during a melee attack on stage on Sunday.

Shortly after DeSilva won the title, Julie went on stage and robbed her of the crown. Julie then handed the crown to the runner-up woman and declared her the winner.

Sri Lankan police said they had received a complaint from De Silva that they were injured when the crown was removed. On Thursday, police arrested Julie and model Chula Padmendrum on charges of “simple injuries and criminal forces.” The two women were later released on bail and ordered to appear in court on April 19.

The Sunday pageant incident attended by the Prime Minister’s wife caused a turmoil in an island nation in the Indian Ocean. The organizers of the pageant on Monday said they would return the crown to Decilva.

Sri Lanka will host the last Mrs. World event of the year.

Meanwhile, Julie said she supported what she believed to be right. “I support values, even if that means I have to be independent,” she said.