After a positive COVID-19 test in Jamaica, the couple paid $ 35,000 to a private jet home. Americans are not the only ones doing this.

Bethling and her husband took an ambulance back to Chicago after a positive COVID test during their vacation to Jamaica.

Bethling and her husband took an ambulance back to Chicago after a positive COVID test during their vacation to Jamaica.Bethling

  • During a Christmas holiday in Jamaica, Bethling and her husband tested positive for COVID-19.

  • After spending two days at a state-owned quarantine hotel, the couple flew home for $ 35,000.

  • Beth told insiders that he wanted to make a better quarantine plan or buy travel insurance.

On Christmas morning, Bethling was relaxing in a Jamaican villa.

Beth (53 years old), husband Dan (54 years old), five children, son’s girlfriend, Mais Oui VillaThe luxury accommodation they said costs about $ 2,250 per night.

Beth told the insider that he had taken a number of precautions. Most people took booster shots, ate outdoors, chartered private boats to avoid strangers, masked in public, and prioritized outdoor activities.

However, at the end of the trip, Beth said he noticed a dry throat and a cough. The day before she returned to Chicago, Illinois, Beth said she and her family had been tested for antigen COVID-19 at home.

Beth and her husband tested positive, although boarding the return flight required a negative test.

After spending two and a half days at a government-run quarantine hotel, the couple finally chose to leave the mandated quarantine and pay $ 35,000 for a private ambulance. This is a luxury service that is becoming more and more popular among those who can afford it. It — go home.

Dan and Bethling say they had limited options for where to quarantine after a positive test.

Mais Oui villa where Ring took a vacation for 8 days.

Mais Oui villa where Ring took a vacation for 8 days.Bethling

Jamaican Ministry of Health during their trip Requires travelers who test positive for 10 days of quarantine (Current policy Since then, asymptomatic, US travelers have been shortened to five days.). As part of the original policy, positive travelers have two options. Find accommodation at your own expense or go to a free government-run quarantine hotel.

Beth and Dan said their options were limited. Mais Oui was rented to one group at a time and was set up for new guests to arrive, so quarantine was not possible there. Villa owner Darrell Rooney told insiders that there are mutual arrangements to accept COVID-19-positive guests at other villas and facilities, but at the time of the trip to Beth and Dan, these The place is an influx of holiday Jamaica ObserverIn December, Jamaica saw a surge in tourist numbers comparable to 19 times before COVID.

Due to the influx of tourists, they also had a hard time finding another hotel with open rooms. “Our host was calling to find another villa we could stay in, but everything was booked,” Beth said.

They were able to book a room at El Greco Resort, a free government-run quarantine hotel. Beth said he knew that El Greco wasn’t a private chef, butler, or Mais Oui with a luxurious environment. However, she said uneven Wi-Fi, lack of hot water, and concerns about the hotel’s COVID-19 protocol cemented Beth and Dan’s decision to charter a private flight. (Representatives of the Jamaican Ministry of Health did not respond to requests for insider comments on accommodation.)

The couple began filling out Air Ambulance Worldwide documents on December 26, shortly after checking in and wiring $ 35,000 to Air Ambulance Worldwide.

Private jets and ambulances have seen a pandemic boom as those who can afford them enjoy the freedom of private air travel.

Private jets await passengers while on the taxiway at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey

Private jet at Teterboro Airport.Jonathan Collins / Shutterstock

For a fee, private ambulance services can bring Beth and Dan back to the United States, and if they get sick, they will go home for medical care.

They are not the only ones looking for this kind of travel. Since March 2020, the demand in the civil aviation industry has skyrocketed, whether for medical flights or pure leisure. Private jet travel, which is dominated by pandemic concerns, eliminates the need to enter crowded airports and planes and is a reliable option for those who can afford it. According to ABC News..

As Wired said, the pandemic is “Middle class private jet boom” very, Bloomberg reported This year, departures from the popular private jet terminal Teterboro Airport in New Jersey increased 61% year-on-year, and private jet travel in Europe and Asia in October 2021 increased 19% over the same period 2. .. years ago.

And like flying a ring, these planes aren’t cheap. Reported by CNBC Private flights for a family of four from New York City to Washington DC can easily cost $ 10,000 to $ 50,000, but individual flights can cost $ 1,200 to $ 36,000, depending on company, route, and equipment. It will be in the range of.

Mr Beth said he had contacted several emergency evacuation companies regarding price quotes. Air Ambulances around the world Another company quoted twice that amount, but the flight quote was between $ 30,000 and $ 35,000.

Representatives of Air Ambulance Worldwide did not respond to Insider’s request for comment. But Ross Thompson CEO Kobac GlobalA membership-based medical evacuation and return company, has told insiders that his company has completed more than 60 evacuations between Christmas and January 6.

Ring said their private flight experience wasn’t the height of luxury it could be heard.

An airplane that flew a ring from Jamaica to Chicago, Illinois.

An airplane that flew a ring from Jamaica to Chicago, Illinois.Bethling

Some private planes exude luxury, but medical charters are completely different.

Beth and Dan said Air Ambulance Worldwide could find an airplane that could depart on December 29, with a letter of approval from the Jamaican medical director. This is the only way to end the quarantine early. They submitted the request and waited, she told the insider, and 20 minutes later, they did not follow the ordered quarantine, but flew because it was a practice that allowed medical air evacuation. I received a letter stating that it was suitable for.

They boarded the plane and landed in Chicago that night.

Private planes usually evoke an image of luxury, but Beth said the flight was an air ambulance and therefore not a regular charter flight. Beth and Dan were wearing masks all the time and had no bathroom.

Beth was lucky to have the means to charter a plane, and if they could be quarantined at Mais Oui, they might have considered staying, but their goal was to get home as soon as possible. Said that.

Beth said she would only travel again with better quarantine plans and travel insurance

Beth said he thought booking a private villa was the safest way to get a vacation. That’s because it seemed more isolated than Maisui’s 11,000-square-foot living space, fully vaccinated staff, hands-free check-in, and resorts offering outdoor dining.

“We cannot guarantee that guests will not be infected with COVID-19, but beyond most villas, we provide an environment with protocols to reduce odds in villas as much as possible,” Rooney said. I told the insider.

However, for future vacations, Beth said he was likely to consider a resort to avoid another state quarantine.

She also told insiders that she wanted to find out more about COVID-19 travel insurance. Kobac GlobalFor example, it costs $ 750 to $ 1,000 depending on the location and length of the trip and covers the cost of private flights as needed. Beth said she looked into Kovac, but the company wasn’t accepting customers when she was traveling.

“We were fortunate enough to buy ourselves out of trouble,” Beth said, adding that he wondered what would happen if El Greco’s room wasn’t open and what would happen if he wasn’t in a position to take charter flights. rice field. ..

“There were so many ways that things could have been worse,” she said. “We felt okay. The kids went home. We weren’t sick.”

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