After an investigation found a couple with 15 children, Chinese authorities were punished for negligence.

The investigation found a couple who gave birth to 15 children, punishing a total of 11 staff and staff from the local family planning bureau in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of southern China.

During the investigation, authorities learned of a man named Liang Er (76) and his “wife” Lu Honglan (46), who gave birth to four boys and 11 girls between 1995 and 2016.

ContinuediscoverLocal officials said on Sunday that a total of 11 officials and officials, including the mayor of Licunzhen in Rongxian and the director of the local family planning bureau, were punished for failing to do their jobs.

The couple could have faced punishment if they were discovered before the end of China one child policyEstablished by the Chinese government in 1979, is an effort to curb the growing population and limit the demand for resources.

After the final change to the Futago policy in 2015, the decades-long policy was phased out.The government finallyRemove the restriction July 21, 2021 Related penalties, including heavy fines and loss of duties.

The couple, who reportedly met and fell in love while working in Guangdong in 1994, had an informal wedding but never legally registered their marriage. The family reportedly survived on Liang’s income from a government-provided poverty subsidy that collected pine tree resin between 2015 and 2019.

The life of Liang and Lou became a hot topic in 2016 when a man married a woman 30 years younger than him and gave birth to many children, earning him the adjective “macho man.” His wife is also reported to have given birth to most of her children at their home.

After the Ministry of Public Safety launched a campaign against human trafficking, media attention was refocused on couples from Rongxian, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.andThe beginning of the month.. The campaign started after another case was widely distributed earlier this year.8 mothers It was found chained in Huankoucun Village, Feng County, eastern Jiangsu Province.

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