After crashing the bike in Modesto, an Oakdale guy goes home.A few hours later he died


According to a California highway patrol, an Oakdale man died at home Wednesday night after crashing his bike in Modesto and being kicked out of the canal.

The clash took place at Maggie Avenue south of Claribel Road at around 6:50 pm, said Spokesman Officer Tom Olsen of the CHP Modesto Office. Joshua Corrigan, 42, rode a Yamaha in 2008 and traveled south on Maggie’s straight section.

When he entered a left curve of about 45 degrees on the road north of Rice Road, he was unable to negotiate a turn and fell, Olsen said. Corrigan was thrown out of the cycle and landed in an empty irrigation canal parallel to Maggie.

Corrigan was able to get out of the canal and call his father who came to pick him up.

The man returned to his parents’ home in Oakdale. At around 9:20, Corrigan’s family called 911 and reported that he had an accident and is currently unresponsive, according to Olsen.

The ambulance crew and CHP responded to the house where Corrigan was declared dead.

According to Olsen, the cause of his death has not yet been identified. He also said it is unclear at this time whether drugs or alcohol were the cause of the crash.