After criticizing reports of the Oldham grooming case, British police said, “I’m deeply sorry.”


Greater Manchester Police and the Oldham Council were reportedly unable to protect girls from gang grooming between 2011 and 2014 and “missed an opportunity” to protect girls who tried to alert. “I’m deeply sorry,” he said.

The girl, identified only by the pseudonym Sophie, was 12 years old when she first entered the Oldham police station and reported being raped by an Asian man in October 2006.

After a police officer told her to come back when she was “not drunk,” she was driven away, raped by car, and gang-raped by five men at a townhouse.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: I also fully endorse all actions to prosecute those responsible for these abominable crimes and hold them to explain those who have fallen below what we need. “

Oldham is just one of many British towns, including Rotherham, Rochdale, Huddersfield and Oxford. Here, a minor girl was cared for and sexually assaulted by a man from Pakistan for many years.

The report criticized the treatment of Shabir Ahmed, the leader of Rochdale’s grooming gang, who was later imprisoned for 22 years and hired by the Oldham Council as a welfare officer.

Police did not tell the council about him, despite serious concerns raised about Ahmed.

The report concluded that “if this happened, we could have avoided the tragic abuse of other children.”

But a 200-page report (pdf) Respected childcare expert Malcolm Newsom and former Cambridgeshire police criminal director Gary Ridgway said there was no “concealment” in Oldham, despite allegations on social media. rice field.

One of the most serious claims made by a former orphanage worker on social media in 2014 was: “In 2010, a Pakistani man gave a girl coming out of a Rivendel orphanage. Wait, drive around, “he suggested.

According to a social media post, staff claimed that “the girl was not allowed to be detained,” but Newsom’s report was hired by the Oldham Council to investigate these allegations. I interviewed the consultant and agreed with the consultant’s findings. The plan was positive and permanent in supporting young women, and there was no evidence that sexual exploitation of children was not recognized or addressed by Oldham police during this period. “

The report reported that in 2001 there was “legitimate concern” between the Oldham police and the council in the face of racial riots in Asia, and the issue of grooming by a Pakistani man was abused by the far-right group. Said that it would be.

In 2018, then Home Secretary Sajid Javid told the BBC: “When it comes to gang-based exploitation of children, the percentage of men with Pakistani heritage is seen in all the recent hot spots.”

He ordered an investigation into this issue, Home office consignment report in 2020 “There is no reason to claim that Muslim or Pakistani heritage men are engaged in disproportionately,” it turns out to be endemic to most communities and that white men are the most common criminals.

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Chris Summers


Chris Summers is a UK-based journalist with a particular interest in crime, police and law, covering stories from a wide range of countries.