After hearing two men speak Korean on an Auckland train, the men continue with a “10-minute racist tilade.”


Allegedly, after hearing two men speaking Korean while on a train in Auckland, New Zealand, the men participated in a 10-minute “racist tilade.” Did.

Leonardo Hung and his friend from South Korea were on their way to the Sky Tower, which allegedly targeted Hong on a western train to Swanson on Sunday.

“In a wonderful multicultural city like Auckland, it’s ridiculous for an elderly white man to approach me and call me a” dog eater “and mock me. It’s very shameful. ” Hong tweeted..

“I hear this guy mutter,” Oh, I’ve seen this kind before, “you know,” dog eaters “and all that. It was terrible, “Hong said. Newshub.. “I think he thought I didn’t speak English, and he started me with this racist abuse plot.”

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Mr Hong said the man continued to explode in front of other passengers. Hong spoke to train manager Tracy Dawson. Tracy Dawson stopped the train and confronted the man. According to Hong, she forced racists to apologize.

Growing up on the North Shore, Hong praised Dawson and the other passengers who supported him and his friends.

“The people around me not only supported me, but also made me unacceptable for this kind of thing. That’s what makes me happy,” Hong said.

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“It’s ridiculous that this kind of thing is still happening in the 21st century,” he added. “The day wasn’t completely ruined, but the 10 minutes were terrible.”

Featured image via Leonardshong (left), AklTransport (right)

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