After hunting down the prison lover, the policeman pulls the fatally injured lamb guard from the overturned Cadillac.

Evansville County Sheriff's Office

Evansville County Sheriff’s Office

Indiana law enforcement officers had a gun in her hand when Vicky White discussed how to retrieve her from a flipped car, according to footage of an incident released by Evansville police on Tuesday. Warned each other about.

In one video, minutes after the U.S. Marshals collided with Cadillac, field police crouched into a grass ditch near the overturned Cadillac, ending both a short police chase and White’s chase. Running 11-day stint With a murder suspect. Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said at a press conference Tuesday that the 56-year-old assistant director shot himself “almost instantly” before her agent contacted her.

When an officer is discussing how to get her out, Vicky doesn’t respond, but in the footage he says he’s still breathing.

The suggestion to remove the windshield is immediately ignored. “Did anyone get a hooligan?” Someone refers to the Hooligan bar and asks. This is a tool with a pick end that police officers use to force intrusion.

Eventually, the officer will be handed the tool. He bows to his stomach. “I’m going to get a gun,” he says, recovering the gun from White. In the partially censored footage, he pulls a guard out of the sunroof with her wrist and helps other policemen drag her onto grass and gravel. Next, the first aid person approaches to give first aid.

In another video released by Indiana authorities, a fugitive prisoner, Casey White, unrelated to Vicky, is seen detained after pursuit. Officials said Casey wanted to end his time in a police shootout, but a US marshal who plunged a couple’s car during a chase quickly put an end to the plan.

After he came out of Cadillac unharmed, more than half a dozen policemen swarmed a 6-foot-9-inch tall man and handcuffed the ground. Casey marches as police officers continue to flock to the overturned car and the surrounding area.

The pair originally disappeared from prison in Lauderdale County, Alabama on April 29. On Tuesday, the sheriff’s wedding told reporters that the lovers had driven it. For cheap Indiana motels Then I made a hole to think about where to go next.

38-year-old Casey was handed over to Lauderdale County on Monday. A day later, the judge set a June trial date for his first murder charges. This is a “brutal” 2015 puncture wound in a 58-year-old woman.

According to police, Vicky was taken to the hospital and declared dead on Monday night.

Rhodedale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said Tuesday that $ 29,000 was found in a Whites car and a cash of weapons, including several wigs and an AR-15 rifle and a 9mm pistol. Singleton added that Casey had previously stated that he had “no regrets” about the death of his prison guard’s lover.

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