After Kentucky suffered a spectacular defeat to St. Peters, John Calipari had to say:

Kentucky was forced to leave the NCAA tournament shockingly on Thursday night. Losing to St. Peters in overtime With a score of 85-79.This is the end of the Wildcats season and they are just the 10th team Losing 15 seeds in tournament history In the first round.

Oscar Shivwe It could be his last match as a Kentucky player, scoring 30 points and 16 rebounds, showing another great performance.UK start back coat Sahvir Wheeler, Tyty Washington When Kelan Grady Grady and Washington joined and went 19-3 from the field, with Wheeler making six turnovers and everything went awry.

This is all about Kentucky coaches John Calipari Immediately after the loss of upset to the peacock, attention had to be said Who will leave and who will stay About this British team:

Opening statement: “Sad day. It’s not just about losing the game. It’s how much joy they brought to me and our staff this season ended in this group. And I say only one thing. You have an 8 point lead, and I’m the guy who experienced many of these, you have an 8 point lead with 3 minutes remaining, you win the game.

“So I really don’t need to know, well, this guy did it, and that guy did this and this and this and this. The remaining three led 8 points. I’m from St. Peter. Not far away. They deserved to win the game. They fought all the time.

“But that’s how I feel about it. That’s what you know, these guys put us in a position to win the game. Let’s end.”

Q. This isn’t the first game that went down the range of games for each possession and didn’t work as you wanted. Is there a link there? Why do you think it was a problem?

“Again, I knew they had never played with something like this, so I was free to release them, but we didn’t reach that. I never have.

“And even at the time-out, I was trying to do it, and-but we’re eight, you know, we didn’t do what we normally did But I’m back. When I’m eight with three minutes left, I know how to win the game. That’s your job as a coach.

“As you know, there were some people who weren’t playing like they used to. Looking back, try something with a Blythe or a Davion. But the game, It was a touch-and-go game, and then it’s unfair for those kids to be put in that position and do something that hurt our season.

“But after-wisdom when you’re coaching could have done this, and could have done it. After all, I’m like this We were in a situation. The difficulty was what we talked about, we were injured, and we never came back, so maybe we were trying to coach the team we coached a month ago. And there were some people who weren’t playing like they were a month ago.

“But back, this was an incredible group. I just chose a bad day not to make a shot, and as you know, we put it into an Oscar every time. I’m about to throw. That’s how we play. That’s what he is — uh, just ok, come down and throw at Oscar.

“I feel sick to everyone, because they are doing it so hard. They know, you ask Kelan a difficult question for these kids. They do what they do. Did and know how they did it, but I also say, I say this again, 8 points lead in the remaining 3 minutes, let’s go. Win this And you know, some errors to close the game, you know, they went to the zone. They couldn’t get them to throw the ball in the middle, that is. I didn’t have that problem with any of the zones I played, but I did today.

“So acknowledge the achievements of St. Peter.”

Q. You said you’re trying to get these guys to play freely, but when you turned eight and St. Peters started their comeback, did you feel that tension was the real factor?

“It was the whole game. It wasn’t just then. They didn’t shoot the ball, so I took the guys out. I did it about three times. If you didn’t shoot it, I take you out. They won’t shoot. I had to take them out. I had to do it three times. I said, you accomplished it It doesn’t matter, if you understand that the Oscar is under the basket and you miss it, he will get it. But if you drive to nine guys, you’re him Throws something where he has four guys, it’s difficult.

“But again, this was probably something they never felt in life. So if I had some answers in 3 minutes to help get the first answer I hope. But what do I say to you, we missed the shot, and St. Peter made the shot. They made the three. They made the layup. We missed. They made a free throw. We missed. It was those I wanted them to get it and step into the next game. It’s one of the games and obviously I didn’t do a very good job with it. “

Q. Talk about “what-ifs”. For many, one of them is Shaidon and why he didn’t play. After you made that decision, was it clear that he seemed ready to contribute and he couldn’t help you even though he wanted to play?

“At some point he and I sat down and talked about it. But you know, I think it was the best for him the way we did it. He Was he a good player this year? Yeah, he was pretty good. He was pretty good. But he joined us in the middle of the season. It was hard to take him.

“Then it was late, maybe we could stab him there. But we just know, together, chose, just wait.”

Q. Oscar gave incredible numbers tonight as well. You talked about what he meant for the team. But in the last few minutes, did you have the opportunity to think about what he did in court and what he meant for your group this year?

“You know, I don’t. I just saw 30 and 16, and they had five guys playing him. He’s been done for a long time Did something that wasn’t, and he made everyone better.

“Now you may not believe this, but we led the league with a three-point shot. Many opened courts for him, but you shot nothing. When not, it makes it even more difficult for him.

“But you just listened to him. That is, a very thoughtful and very nice kid. He and I will sit down the next day or two and think about what path he will take. But I tell you this: you talk about the joy of coaching this entire team, that is, as I’m sick for them now. Just disappointed, you know Yes, I wish I had one or two answers. I just do.

“As you know, it’s hindsight and you can’t. You can play the game as much as you want. But acknowledge St. Peter’s credit. And I saw the tape. I was worried about getting into the game. I didn’t show it to anyone. I couldn’t wait because I was whistling, skipping and dancing.

“But I’m like they’re rebounding, oh, they’re rebounding with us. Now Oscar had him, but they’re rebounding. Everyone else for them rebounded. Some things you know, something happened. As they said, we are a good defense team. We weren’t. — And give them credit. They killed us at the backdoor, beat us at the bounce, and kept the three off the screen.

“Shaheen did a great job. I told him” the job you did with this team “before the match. And what I saw, how they played, their structure, he did a great job. “

Q. You mentioned the nerves, the shell shock that was happening in some of those guys who weren’t there at this moment. The minutes continued and St. Peters continued to come, so I went with the coaching staff. Eventually it became tight and I found them nervous.

“We were trying to encourage at every time-out.” You will be fine. We just have to play. “

“As you know, at some point in the remaining 5 minutes, one of the men got on the man and said,” Stop, I have 5 minutes. Let’s be positive. Leave it. Just be positive. “

“So we were trying to help them get over it. Obviously, we weren’t doing the job we needed.”

Q. This may be an exaggeration to you, will St. Peters remind some of your UMass team in chasing it, and we may be the weak, but we are Bring it to you, something like that.

“They do. Small but fought. Enough exercise to play a bigger man. And played a little slower at UMass and in the way of a coach. Grinded a little more. In double digits. I took five guys. As you know, some of my team shot the ball pretty well, some of the guys who were Carmelo and a really good shooter.

“So I was just disappointed. I’m disappointed with the fans because they were gathered here and they were in shell shock as we were all. They travel, And we hate disappointing them. I’m doing as a coach, and I know these players do.

“But as you know, we just — stay on what these kids did. This was really disappointing and devastating. But this team brings great joy to many of us. I hate it ending like this. Thank you. “