After living in Biden’s guesthouse for more than two months, Kamala Harris finally moves to the Vice President’s official residence.

Kamala Harrisdag Emhoff

Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will move to the Number One Observatory Circle next week. Carolyn Custer / AP

  • Kamala Harris and her husband have lived in a guesthouse in Biden for over two months.

  • A spokeswoman said the pair will move to the official residence next week.

  • The delay was due to a refurbishment being carried out at the Number One Observatory Circle.

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Vice President Kamala Harris will move to the official residence next week after spending more than two months in President Joe Biden’s guesthouse.

Simone D. Sanders, Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson for Harris, said: Tweet On Thursday, Vice President and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will move to the Number One Observatory Circle next week.

Biden and the First Lady were soon able to move to the White House, but Harris and Emhoff were placed in temporary housing and the Vice President’s residence was renovated. Insider John Doman report.

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The pair live in Blair House, A historic building also known as the President’s Guest House. The house is located directly across from Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House and is known as the “World’s Most Luxury Hotel”. Only those invited by the President or the Department of State can stay there.

Blair House

Blair House, the president’s guesthouse, was filmed on January 14, 2021 from Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. Dmitry Kirsanov / TASS / Getty Images

CNN Harris was “dissatisfied” with the pace of her future housing arrangements and refurbishment on Sunday. The details of the refurbishment weren’t immediately apparent, but two administrative staff said they had asked CNN Harris to renew the kitchen.

Sanders said in a tweet Thursday that the delay was due to repairs that were “easier to do when the house was vacant.”

“Repairs included maintenance of the HVAC system, replacement of the chimney liner, and refurbishment of some hardwood floors,” she said.

Built in 1893, the Number One Observatory Circle has been the Vice President’s residence since 1974. Biden was Vice President from 2009 to 2017.

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