After losing the Senate’s Primary, Mo Brooks said, “The bad guys win,” and “Trump does nothing unless he strengthens his wallet and ego.”

Mo Brooks will speak with supporters at a Republican-nominated surveillance party for Senator Alabama at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 in Huntsville, Alabama.

Mo Brooks will speak with supporters at a Republican-nominated surveillance party for Senator Alabama at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 in Huntsville, Alabama.Vasha Hunt / AP

  • Republican Rep. Mo Brooks has accused Donald Trump after losing the Senate primary on Tuesday night.

  • The former president withdrew Brooks’ support in March, accusing the Republicans of “awakening.”

  • Brooks told Politico Wednesday that Trump was “no loyalty” and not “the man of his words.”

This week, Republican Rep. Mo Brooks said He lost the Senate primary to Katie Brit Tuesday night.

Alabama Republican Party said Politico’s Olivia Beaver “The bad guys won” on Wednesday. Brit was backed by former Brooks ally Donald Trump.

Once Brooks Trump’s post-2020 election scam champion is lying, “Without loyalty”, accused the former president of not being “the man of his words”.Congressman told Beaver that Trump wouldn’t do anything without it. “Strengthen his purse or his ego.”

Formerly a loyal Trump supporter, Brooks has since repeatedly accused the president of illegally “cancelling” the 2020 elections as the relationship between the two men collapsed publicly.

Brooks’ comments on Tuesday seem to be a fitting conclusion for the reunion relationship between Brooks and Trump. This began when Brooks was the first to win presidential support in 2017, even though Brooks was a loud Trump supporter among his fellow lawmakers.

After leading the responsibility to support Trump’s unfounded allegations about the 2020 elections, Brooks gained Trump’s support for the Senate in April 2021.

But in March of this year, Trump withdrew his supportBrooks said he “woke up” after lawmakers said the Republicans shouldn’t focus on the 2020 elections, but look to the future. Trump’s reversal happened when Brooks’ funding and polls declined.

And in June Trump favored Brooks rivals, Katie Britt, former Senator Richard Shelby’s chief, she soared earlier in polls.I was prompted to move Brooks appeals for reconsideration of former president In a long Twitter post, he asked Trump to help him again in the Senate race instead of the “founding RINO” Brit.

But when the former president did not Brooks defeated Trump on Twitter A week later, about his support for Brit.

Brit easily defeated Brooks in the Republican primary on Tuesday night. If she wins the general election in November, she is expected to do that, but she will be the first woman elected to represent Alabama in the Senate.

In a concession speech on Tuesday night, Brooks said he was looking forward to spending more time with his family, including his 13 grandchildren.

“It’s time to give the torch to the patriots who continue to fight for America. We have a lot of young people who are willing to carry it,” he said. Alabama Local News. “And I’m very proud of them, and I want them to fight for America as I do.”

But Brooks’ time in Washington, DC may not be over yet. The House Committee investigating the January 6 parliamentary attack asked Brooks to testify in May. After he told the local Alabama press: Trump pressured him to overturn the election Following the victory of President Joe Biden.

Now, Brooks says he may be willing to testify in front of the panel as long as it is done entirely in public. CNN..

“My basic requirement is to make it publicly visible to the general public, so that the pieces won’t drip,” said a lawmaker.

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