After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she gave up dating her ex and was accused of manipulating her in the spirit of ‘radical transparency’ for spending millions to reverse her age. famous biotech CEO

Brian Johnson

45-year-old biotech founder Bryan Johnson is trying to turn back his biological clock by decades through a program he started called Project Blueprint.Courtesy Dustin Jaranza

  • The CEO of a biotech company famous for trying to reverse ages has been accused of ignoring his cancer-stricken partner.

  • Former fiancé Taryn Southern claimed that Brian Johnson manipulated her emotionally and financially.

  • According to Southern, Johnson was intimidating and cheated regularly during their relationship.

Biotech CEO The man, who famously spent millions of dollars reversing his age scrupulously, walked out on his ex-fiancé after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis and accused her of cheating on him serially. it was done.

Content creator and actress Taryn Southern claims entrepreneur Brian Johnson relentlessly controls aspects of her personal and professional life, according to a breach of contract lawsuit filed in Los Angeles in 2021. The pair were together from 2016 to 2019, according to the lawsuit, with Johnson first “sweeping Ms. Southern off her feet” in a relationship that brought her to new lows emotionally and financially. I just operated.

Her lawsuit seeks undisclosed damages for emotional and financial harm she claims Johnson caused.

Johnson first made a name for himself by selling payment service Braintree to eBay for $800 million and most recently nearly $2 million for an intensive experimental program He hopes to lower his biological age.

“It might seem like something about diet, health, wellness, anti-aging. In fact, it’s an exercise in imagining the future of being human,” Johnson previously told Insider.

Part of his regimen includes a cocktail of up to 100 supplements, daily exercise, a variety of experimental treatments, and a team of 30 medical professionals who closely track his progress and regularly monitor his progress. This includes performing invasive tests such as colonoscopies.

While some measures, like eating healthy and exercising regularly, can slow down the aging process, experts told Insider: They are skeptical that the combination of interventions included in Johnson’s program can really reverse age..

“Under the guise of radical transparency”

The two met in 2016, and according to court filings, Southern moved into Johnson’s home in Venice, Los Angeles within four months. Southern’s lawsuit alleges that Johnson flew her to see his wellness concierge early in her relationship to help her live “forever,” but then left her at her most vulnerable. claimed to have done so.

The relationship soon melted into a personal and professional one, with Johnson verbally promising to support Southern financially for the rest of her life, her attorney said.

Southern signed a contract to work for Johnson’s company, Kernel, to “develop and market his personal brand, documentary on the brain He hoped to fund marketing efforts for children’s books, as well as advice and insight on several venture investments.

By 2018, the couple got engaged.

Southern’s professional responsibility to Johnson grew over time, and she stopped pursuing her own work as Johnson was given a pledge to support her., Match it with your suit. Her attorney claimed that this was all part of a plan to make her financially dependent on him.

Mr Southern’s lawyers said, “The trickery, deception, exploitation of Mr Southern’s physical and emotional weakness and financial dependence, and his threat of lawsuit to create confusion and fear, have been used against Mr Southern. It was a key feature of Johnson’s plan,” Southern’s attorney wrote.

While at Johnson’s Venice home, Southern said the biotech CEO demanded that she “share with him a complete list of her past sexual partners and describe the sexual acts that took place.” Allegedly, over time, he cheated on her in succession.

“He actively tracked down and proposed to Mr. Southern’s own friends and acquaintances. Other women were prostitutes and girls from the ‘Sugar Daddy’ app,” Southern’s attorney said in the lawsuit. “He became enamored with his sexual conquests and, under the guise of ‘radical transparency and honesty,’ gave Ms. Southern the details of his victory.”

According to the lawsuit, Southern has been increasingly asked to send text messages on encrypted messaging apps in order to forward emails to another PO Box, and Johnson has been accused of citing privacy concerns. , was frequently using a burner phone to communicate with her.


Things quickly cleared up around the time Southern learned of her breast cancer diagnosis and underwent chemotherapy treatments, according to the lawsuit.

“In October 2019, when he requested to move out of the house they shared during the three years she had been undergoing active treatment for stage III breast cancer, she had no money to support living and medical expenses. had no independent and stable source of income,” Southern’s attorney wrote in the lawsuit.

Johnson repeatedly asked her to leave and offered to pay her a $149,000 scholarship, according to the complaint.

Southern claimed he had asked her to leave the house, forced her to live separately, and asked her friends not to tell her about it.

Johnson’s attorneys denied the allegations, Southern tried to extort him, and since she worked for his company, her claims should be settled in arbitration.

A biotech CEO’s film about people with implantable brain interfaces, I AM HUMAN, was produced by Southern amidst their relationship and subsequent bitter breakup.

In a 2019 press release, Johnson said Advertised front and center The film is “a sci-fi documentary directed and produced by a woman”.

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