After the 15-year-old shooting in Durham, the family was devastated.Two teens were killed last week

Imani Tabourne was driving on Club Boulevard when he learned that his 15-year-old brother had died after being shot dead in Durham.

“I just stopped in the middle of the road,” she said.

“Stop playing,” Tabourne told her other brother who called in the news on Sunday. It wasn’t a joke.

“My heart broke,” said Tabourne. “It shattered at that moment.”

Parson High freshman Ian Chance “Baby” Wells was loved by his brothers and sisters and his family full of nephews and nieces, his sisters said. He grew up in Durham, but moved to Rocksboro with his mother about a year ago, his sister said.

Burlington’s 26-year-old Tabourne said he played soccer and drums and acted like everyone’s brother, even though he was the youngest of six siblings.

176 shootings reported

According to police, police officers discovered Wells at about 12:41 am on Sunday after responding to a crash reported at a construction site on South Alston Avenue near Angie Avenue.

He was shot and taken to the hospital where he died. According to police, his death is being investigated as a murder.

So far this year, there have been 176 shootings, including a 13-year-old leg shooting that slept at home a week ago and seven murders. ABC11 reported.

More than 966 shootings were reported last year, with 318 people injured in the shootings, 33 of whom were fatally injured, according to Durham police.

In 2020, about 10 children aged 6 to 15 and 13 children aged 16 and 17 were shot dead.

“Okay, Sith, I love you.”

On Saturday night, Wells was hanging out in Durham with his family, including his sister, before leaving around 11 pm.

Wells told his family that he would go to the store to get a drink and meet him, Tabourne said. He was in his sister’s green minivan.

“Okay, Sith, I love you. See you tomorrow,” she said.

His sister was told by witnesses at the store that Wells had entered, bought a drink, returned to the car, and moved to the side of the building from near the petrol pump.

“He got out of the car, met the people he met, met the people he met. They shot him,” Tabourne said.

Then he returned to the minivan, fled the shooter and got off Alston Avenue, Tabourne said.

“They chased him. They shot through the car,” she said. “They kicked him off the road.”

“One of my most important students”

On the Wells memory wall on the Ellis D. Jones & Sons funeral home website, teachers and friends described Wells as a compassionate child with an infectious smile.

“Ian has been and will continue to be one of my most important students,” writes Caroline Brickhouse, a 7th grade science teacher at Gisen’s Middle School in Wells.

Brickhouse wrote in an email that Wells brought clothes and shoes for students in need without prompting. He stood up for the other children and immediately spoke out to the bullying.

“He worked every day to be a better version of himself, bringing light and joy to the lives of our building associates, teachers and support staff,” she writes.

Death has shaken the world of the family, Tabourne said.

She said Tabourne’s daughter and niece kept calling him, but the ones and threes didn’t understand when he told them he wouldn’t go home anymore.

His mother and grandmother are waiting for him to come from the front door.

“Hey grandma,” he would say.

There is no word to explain how this affected the family, Tabourne said.

“It’s empty. It’s incomplete,” Tabourne said. “Everyone is upset. But everyone is still shocked.”

Police have not announced arrests or other information in this case.

Ian Chance & # x00201c; Baby & # x00201d; 15-year-old Wells was shot dead in Durham on April 3, and died the next day.

Ian Chance “Baby” Wells, 15, was shot dead in Durham on April 3, and died the next day.

Two teens are deadly hot in Durham last week

Wells One of two teens deadly shot in Durham last week.

An officer who answered the shooting call after 7 am on Monday found Joshua Garner. Died at the 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix At Kirby Street and Chowan Avenue. 18 years old was a student at Hillside High School.

Police also did not announce arrests or additional information in that case.