After the collapse, there was one Boise restaurant left in the chain — making it Idaho.closed

The only Idaho location on the chain, known for toasted submarine sandwiches, is now the toast itself.

Quiznos recently closed at Boise’s 2250 E. Gowen Road.

The locally owned franchise restaurant in Columbia Village was once the last disappearing brand to be ubiquitous not only in Gemstate but throughout the United States.

Quiznos sandwiches still have a lot of lovers. Whether it’s Spicy Monterey or the Old Bay Lobster Club for a limited time, the menu runs juice. As Quiznos boasts on his website, even the traditional ones are served with “black Angus steak, oven-baked turkey breast, smoked ham, melted cheddar, fresh lettuce, and creamy ranch dressing.” We serve turkey toast. “

Founded in 1981, Denver-based Quiznos has grown to be one of the largest sub-slingers in the country by the early 21st century. However, many problems, including fierce competition from the subway to Jimmy Johns, have caused a spectacular collapse in the last 15 years or so.Industry magazine restaurant business Called it “One of the largest restaurant chains in the history of the industry has collapsed.”

At the peak of 2006 Quiznos According to the restaurant business, there were nearly 5,000 locations. As of May 2021, publications write that the number has dropped to 255.

In 2015, there were four quiz nos franchises in the Boise region. Boises may remember the Eagle stores at 8665 W. Franklin Road and 2250 E. Gowen Road, and 664 S. Rivershore Lane, one closed at 1216 N. Orchard St. that year and two remained in the city. Maybe. Prior to that, there was Quiznos on Overland Road in Boise, Meridian and Kuna.

A meridian-based company, FatGuys Fresh Deli plans to take over the previous quiz nos space at 2250 E. Gowen Road.