After the identity of the “Q” was revealed in a documentary, QAnon followers call it “fake news.”


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  • The HBO series “Q: Into the Storm” included an interview with QAnon’s popular figure Ron Watkins.

  • Filmmaker Cullen Hoback thought he published Watkins as the “Q”, the person who started QAnon.

  • Believers in the unfounded far-right conspiracy theory are now attacking the series by calling it “fake news.”

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Documentary filmmaker Cullen Hoback thought he had captured Ron Watkins at the finale of HBO’s documentary “Q: Into the Storm.”

Watkins, a former administrator of the platform posted by the creator of QAnon Conspiracy Theory, said, “It’s basically three years of intelligence training, teaching the norms of how to work with intelligence. Basically previously anonymous. Watkins said, “Never as a Q,” but immediately tried to go back in the statement, adding, “Never as a Q. I promise. I’m not a Q.” ..

“Ron has slipped,” Hobuck said in an episode. “He knew it, and I knew it-and after three years of tireless cats and mice.” Watkins says he’s “anonymously” involved in the world of QAnon. It seems that he may have acted as “Q”, an anonymous person who carried out the theory in a message about 8kun owned by Watkins’ father.

But in the days following Sunday’s episode, the main conspiracy theorists claiming that the “deep state” cabal of traffickers exists in U.S. top-level power is remotely convinced. did not.

A QAnon influencer told his 100,000 Telegram subscribers that the documentary was Wednesday’s “fake news.” “A complete failure at so many levels,” he said.

Arizona Protest

Counting continues after the U.S. presidential election in Phoenix, Arizona on November 5, so supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump protesting outside the Maricopa County Election Bureau are flagged as QAnon. Wrapped Phoenix-born Jake A, 33, 2020. Olivier Toulon via Getty Images / AFP

Another influencer with 33,000 Telegram subscribers said Wednesday, “Did they really think the HBO Special would beat us?” Viewed by 37,000 users as of Thursday morning, this post compared the QAnon community with Jesus and his disciples. “Imagine what we could do if Jesus turned the world over with twelve people. How many of us are we now?”

“Q” has been silent since his last 8kun post on December 8, 2020.

Researchers at QAnon predicted that the community would undermine the credibility of evidence about the identity of the “Q.” Alexander Reedros, a PhD fellow at the Radical Right Analysis Center, an organization that tracks right-wing extremism around the world, said in an interview last fall that the identity of the “Q” is not important to the movement. I told the insider.

“Every iteration must be plausible to them and a kind of coexistence in what they already believe through QAnon,” Reed Ross said. “They can’t set it back-they have to keep moving forward.”

Ron Watkins is a popular QAnon influencer

Watkins is a former operator of 8kun, the first fringe platform posted by “Q”. His father, Jim, is the owner of a platform that is an improved version of 8chan, which is now obsolete.

He had previously denied being a “Q” in a conversation with an insider. “Friendly Reminder: I’m not Q,” Watkins said in a message on April 3 on the Telegram channel, which has 152,000 subscribers.

Watkins has a major influence, and in a sense, QAnon community heroLeveraging his power in the community, he became one of the loudest supporters of Protrump’s “Stop the Steal” campaign last fall. By encouraging believers not to trust President Joe Biden’s election victory, he and Trump on several occasions, including Trump’s lawyer and de facto “stop stealing” emperor Rudy Giuliani. Retweet by his ally.

Watkins’ main target is Dominion voting systemA voting technology company used in some states, which has been unfoundedly criticized for its right to interfere with elections. The Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has denied such claims, stating that the 2020 presidential election is the most “safe” in history.

In November, as part of his campaign to claim that the elections were corrupt Trump shared a video from One America News Network, Far right propaganda network. This clip takes Watkins as a “cyber analyst” and reveals the “shocking vulnerabilities” of Dominion technology. Trump also retweeted a tweet from Watkins During December.

Watkins seems to have finally accepted Trump’s defeat in a message to 152,000 Telegram followers on January 20th.

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