After the mysterious death of a baby in the woods, grandma beats her daughter


Angie Owens / Facebook

Angie Owens / Facebook

Deep in the Indiana countryside forest, the body of an 11-month-old girl, Mercedes-Benz, was found on Wednesday, allowing her parents to “rest” with her family friends a few days ago.

However, police say there is no evidence that the mother and father were directly involved in the death of her daughter, but an extended family of children was recently trying to convince authorities to take her for their own safety. Said her devastated grandmother. The Daily Beast.

Mercedes-Benz’s parents, Kenneth Robert Rein (41) and Tiffany Joe Coburn (32), have been charged with negligence in their dependents. According to Marshall County Superior Court records.. Babysitter Justin Lee Miller, a 37-year-old man, has been described as a “family relative” in a court petition, but the exact relationship between Rain and Coburn remains unknown. Expected to die after being charged with negligence of dependents.. The cause of death has not been identified and additional fees may be charged based on autopsy results.

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Rain, Mirror, Coburn

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Marshall County Sheriff’s Office

The investigation began on Sunday, August 15, and police were called to Economy Inn by Rain and Coburn. Probable Causal Affidavit Submitted by Indianapolis Police Department Plymouth.. Mercedes was missing, the couple told the corresponding officer, Stuart Clinock. They told Clinock that he had left Mercedes with Miller on Friday and that he was supposed to bring her back to them the next day, the affidavit explains.

“My parents tried to catch Miller many times, but couldn’t contact him,” says the affidavit. “They finally contacted him on Sunday, and Miller advised that he had fallen. [Mercedes] Rain and Coburn weren’t at home, so I went off with my neighbor.No one has seen [Mercedes] Since then. “

Authorities issued a “silver alert” for the missing person and called the FBI. Clinock and Plymouth police chief David Bacon did not respond to requests for comment.

Police officers finally chased Miller at a friend’s house without Mercedes around 3:30 am on Monday morning. Miller claimed in an interview at the police station that Rain contacted him last Thursday. Synthetic marijuana.. After that, the conversation became a “difficult time.” [Lain and Coburn] Had [Mercedes]”The affidavit states. “Miller advised that they would watch over her for a few days so they could rest.”

But Miller’s story continued to change, police said. At first, he claimed to have taken Mercedes to McDonald’s and then to his buddy’s house for a few days. Then Miller said he actually went to his girlfriend’s house, but was kicked out on Saturday when he went to stay with his friend. Along the way, Miller told investigators that he had dropped Mercedes into the economy inn with a “heavy set of white women” who had previously seen him in Rain and Coburn’s room. (Police soon discovered that this was not true, Marshall County prosecutor Nelson Chipman said at a press conference after the trio was arrested.)

Miller’s friend told police that Miller first appeared at home on Friday, August 13, and then “for a while, came out on Sunday, 15th, without children.”

According to the affidavit, neither Rain nor Coburn were “uncooperative in finding a child” and did not call. Police finally called Coburn on Monday morning. She promised to come to the station and talk to the investigator about her missing daughter, but said she was waiting for her sister to board. After two and a half hours, Coburn wasn’t visible yet and the phone turned off. Police called Coburn’s sister, but she said she had not been contacted by Coburn.

At 1:30 pm on August 16, police found Coburn, who had three other daughters, and arrested her outside the Economy Inn. Rain wasn’t with her, and Coburn claimed she didn’t know where he was. In an interview with police, Coburn allegedly confessed that she and Rain were communicating with Miller via Facebook Messenger while Mercedes was missing. Rain was arrested at Economy Inn at 6:30 that night and was “discovered under the influence of an unknown substance.” He also reportedly admitted to staying in touch with Miller throughout the weekend, but said, “I didn’t know where he was.”

Two days later, the remains of Mercedes were discovered.

Coburn’s mother, Angie Owens, got in touch on the phone and was restless about the fate of her granddaughter, saying she refused to “protect” Rain and Coburn, despite being a family member. I was furious.

“They are definitely not good parents,” Owens told The Daily Beast. “They didn’t have to have children.”

“We did our best to get this baby away from them,” Owens continued. “We called [child protective services] Many times. There is nothing we can do more than we did. We have surpassed our power by doing what we can to help this baby. “

Rain Convicted of negligence of dependents in 2016, And was sentenced to two years in prison (with one year grace).A few years ago, Rain Billing for unpaid child support.. They both have records of various misdemeanor and felony drug offenses, low-level violations of suspended licensed driving, and small claims for non-payment of debt.

Owens said he blamed Mercedes’ death “by giving him a child” to Rain and Coburn, meaning Miller, but “as long as they were involved in the murder part, they I don’t think he was involved in it. ”Adds a warning that no murder charges have been filed.

“I’m not saying they were good parents, because they weren’t,” Owens emphasized again. “We are very sad all this time.”

Set by a family friend Funeral expenses donation page, And Mr. Owens said he could also make a donation to the Knox United Methodist Church in Knox, Indiana.

In a statement submitted to The Daily Beast, FBI Indianapolis Special Agent Paul Keenan said: Everyone made a tireless effort to find Mercedes, hoping to get home safely. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, but we will continue to do everything we can to ensure Mercedes’ justice. “

Lain and Coburn lawyers did not respond to the message left for comment. Miller’s accusations had not yet been put on trial at the time of this writing, and The Daily Beast could not determine if there was a lawyer to represent him.

Rain and Coburn will return to court on September 15.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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