After the outbreak of COVID-19, Perth rushes into a three-day blockade

The Metropolitan Perth and Peel areas will enter a three-day blockade from midnight on Friday after a hotel quarantine outbreak has led to community infections.

Western Australia (WA) Prime Minister Mark Magawan needs a blockade after spending days in the community while two people are infected, including a man who stayed at a hotel and completed quarantine before flying to Melbourne. It is said that it is a good measure.

Anzac Day dawn service will be canceled and everyone in the affected area will be required to wear a mask when leaving home from 6 pm. on Friday.

“I think this is difficult. I wish I didn’t have to do this,” McGowan told reporters.

“But you can’t get infected with this virus. You can’t.”

Mercure, which will not accept returning travelers, is one of three Perth quarantine hotels that are considered “high risk” due to ventilation issues.

Genome testing confirmed that the virus had spread to the hotel corridors from a couple returning from India.

A pregnant mother and her 4-year-old daughter, who were staying across the corridor, were positive and remained isolated at the hotel.

Victorian officials on Friday confirmed that the man staying in the room next to the couple was also positive.

The asymptomatic man arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday after completing a 14-day quarantine at the hotel.

Thursday’s premiere announced that Mercure will no longer accommodate returning international travelers.

Instead, we will move to a “low risk” quarantine hotel for the large number of seasonal workers expected to arrive from Tonga and Vanuatu next month.

Documents released by the government reveal to what extent the government was aware of the risk factors for quarantine hotels.

Chief Health Officer Andy Robertson received a report on April 8 identifying three hotels, Mercure, Sheraton Four Points and Novotel Langley, as “high risk” for ventilation problems.

Dr. Robertson wrote to the premiere last Friday, advising that Mercure is the most risky of the three hotels and should not accommodate returning travelers.

A 6-month-pregnant mother and Mercure’s daughter returned a positive test that day.

In a letter to the premiere, Robertson said changes such as installing HEPA air filters in rooms with positive cases could mitigate the risk.

“The ratings of the three high-risk hotels show that the Mercure Hotel is probably the most difficult to mitigate, given the positive pressure rooms, open windows and aging facilities,” he wrote. I will.

“The other two high-risk hotels (Four Points Sheraton, Novotel Langley) can be more easily mitigated by taking advantage of the measures already in place and the recommended ones.”

Ventilation reports were commissioned after Sheraton guards were infected with COVID-19 in January and urged a five-day blockade.

Michael Ramsey