After the Prime Minister withdrew, the English debate prior to the Quebec vote was cancelled.


The English leaders’ debate, which was scheduled to take place prior to the October elections in Quebec, was canceled because Prime Minister Francois Legore refused to participate.

Quebec leader Paul Saint-Pierre Pramondon also said on Friday that he would not participate in the September 20 debate because Quebec’s common language is French.

“Without the participation of all major leaders, representatives of the English Media Consortium agree that it is not a fair and informative exercise. As a result, the English leaders’ debate will take place in this campaign. I won’t be able to do it. “

However, the other three parties in parliament have stated that their leaders will participate.

A spokesman for liberal leader Dominique Anglade said earlier that day that she plans to attend the English debate, regardless of who else refuses to attend.

Quebec Conservative Party leader Eric Duheim said he would also discuss in English, and Quebec’s Solidea spokeswoman Sandrin Burke was the party’s prime minister candidate Gabriel Nadeau Dubois without CAQ and PQ. But he said he would attend.

Legault spokesman Ewan Sauves said in an email that the premiere participated in two televised French debates and that it would take a considerable amount of time to prepare for each debate. He also said the Prime Minister refused to invite him to the third French debate.

Leaders of the four major Quebec parties, including Legault, participated in an English debate prior to the final state elections in 2018. This was the first English leader debate in the history of the state.

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