After the principal opens the trash can behind the school, bolt it with a bolt – and a creature emerges


When James Marsh was running his morning routine as an elementary school principal, sprinting as fast as he could wasn’t on his to-do list.

But on May 1st, his speed was put to the test.

and school surveillance video The principal’s wife Shauna Marsh is behind Zella Elementary School in Summersville, West Virginia.

He stands in the school dumpster, carefully unlocking a bar that is closed at night so it can be used during the school day.

Release the bar from the lid and the lid will open.

It’s a black bear that Marsh saw and stared back at him.

Marsh’s daughter, Annabeth Anderson, Edited version of the video On her Facebook with the famous TikTok audio in the background. The message is clear — just do it.

According to the video, Marsh and the bear take off and luckily run full speed in opposite directions. Marsh is seen framing out and the bear heading into the coppice behind the school.

Marsh gets back in the frame and takes a few breaths.

“There is no sound in the video, but it looks like it roared like a lion when the video came out,” Shauna Marsh responded to comments on the video.

“Wow! He was able to share with you how he spent his day today!” one commented.

“I didn’t know Jimmy could move that fast,” wrote another.

“(Too funny. Poor Jimmy,” commented another.

Summersville is about 65 miles east of Charleston.

what to do if you see a bear

bear attacks in america According to the National Park Service, it’s rare. In most attacks, bears are trying to defend food, cubs, or space.

There are steps people can take to prevent bear encounters from turning into bear attacks.

  • Identify yourself: Speak calmly and wave slowly. This helps the bear realize that you are human and not a threat.

  • calm down please: Bears usually don’t want to attack. They want to be left alone. Talk to the bear slowly and in a low voice.

  • Do not shout: Screaming can provoke attacks.

  • Picking up small children: Don’t let the children escape the bear. You might think they are small prey.

  • Group hike: Groups are noisier and smellier, according to the National Park Service. Bears like to keep their distance from packs of people.

  • Make yourself look bigger: Move to higher ground and stand higher. Avoid sudden movements.

  • Don’t drop your bag: A bag on your back can prevent and protect the bear from accessing your food.

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