After the release of census data, voters sued Wisconsin at district boundaries

NS Democratic voter group Wisconsin A lawsuit was filed against the state election committee on Friday, calling on Madison’s federal court to declare the state’s current legislation and parliamentary districts unconstitutional for use in imminent constituency change efforts. ..

NS ProceedingsCame in less than a day Census Bureau He released detailed 10-year population data to the state, arguing that the current district of Wisconsin, in particular, was “unconstitutionally unbalanced” and was based on older data. He also called on the US District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin to intervene in its own plan in case Democratic Governor Tony Evers and the Republican-led state legislature do not reach an agreement on a constituency change plan.

Plaintiffs’ proceedings filed by lawyers in the liberal legal group Democracy Docket assume that a political impasse will prevent the government from reaching an agreement on how to depict state districts over the next decade. I am strongly dependent.

Wisconsin will begin the process of creating a new political map after the census data is released

“There is no reasonable prospect that the Wisconsin political sector will reach an agreement to enact legislative legislation and parliamentary district plans to be used in the upcoming 2022 elections,” Wisconsin’s split government said. I read the lawsuit mentioning it.

Plaintiffs pointed out that the Census Bureau was delaying the distribution of subdivision data. Blame About the confusion caused by coronavirus A pandemic responsible for reducing the time the state can create new districts before next year’s midterm elections. According to plaintiffs, shorter windows are more likely to get stuck.

According to the proceedings, such a deadlock could return to the current district map for the purpose of managing the 2022 elections, thereby using the data from 2010, the 14th Amendment of Voters to Equal Protection. You may violate your rights.

“Given the potential for a deadlock, the court needs to be prepared to intervene to protect the constitutional rights of plaintiffs and voters throughout the state,” he added, adding that without court action, Wisconsin He added that the strength of a person’s vote would be “diluted.”

According to new census data, Wisconsin’s population has grown by less than 4% over the last decade, and the state will not add or lose parliamentary district seats. State Republicans use these results to argue that the constituency change process requires only minor changes. according to Associated Press.

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A similar proceeding was filed on behalf of voters seeking court intervention in the constituency change effort. Louisiana, Minnesota, When Pennsylvania..

The Washington Examiner asked the Wisconsin Election Commission for comment, but did not respond immediately.

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