After trying Martha Stewart’s Ultimate Grilled Cheese Trick, I found a way to make it even tastier.

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Martha Stewart uses mayonnaise on her grilled cheese.Insider Paige Bennett.Danny Moroshock/Reuters

  • Martha Stewart There is a simple trick to make it perfect grilled cheese It contains common seasonings.

  • i tested her mayonnaise Compare it to the buttered plain one to see which one is really the best.

  • After testing everything, we decided that the combination of butter and mayonnaise made for the best sandwich.

when i met Martha Stewart’s favorite trick I knew that to make the most delicious grilled cheese, I had to experiment.

Tested in succession with several other variations and what results the most delicious sandwichFor ease of comparison, we used classic white cheddar and white bread for each sandwich.

Here’s how I stacked the variations:

I started by making a cheesy sandwich with no coating.

1 plane

1 plane

I tested plain bread first to get a better idea of ​​how other toppings work.Insider’s Paige Bennett

To compare how butter and mayonnaise change the appearance of grilled cheese, we started by testing sandwiches with nothing spread on the outside of the bread.

I thought this version was very dry.

It took a while, but the outside of the bread turned slightly golden.

3 plain on griddle

3 plain on griddle

Even if you bake for 5 minutes on each side, there is almost no color.Insider’s Paige Bennett

I shredded some cheddar – I used the shredded instead of slices and melted quickly – added to the plain White breadput the sandwich on the griddle.

It took about 5 minutes per side to get any kind of golden color.

6 planes

Everything on this sandwich was dry.Insider’s Paige Bennett

The sandwich had a texture similar to styrofoam and was, as expected, very dry.

The bread was so dry that when I tried to eat it I would rub my mouth and tongue and it was not chewy.

Next, I tried making grilled cheese with butter on both sides of the bread

7 Butter inside and out

7 Butter inside and out

I usually make my grilled cheese with butter.Insider’s Paige Bennett

This is my usual method for making grilled cheese.

I generously buttered on both sides I added an equal amount of shredded cheese to the inside of the bread.

This grilled cheese looks delicious, but the crust was a little too soft

9 Put butter on the griddle

9 Put butter on the griddle

It didn’t take long for the bread to turn golden brown.Insider’s Paige Bennett

The sandwich came out of the griddle with a perfect, slightly golden look. I found the inside to be cheesy and soft.

The first bite of this sandwich was certainly too soft and chewy, probably because the dry sandwich was fresh.

12 with butter

The sandwich was delicious, even if the crust was a little too soft.Insider’s Paige Bennett

because butter Due to the low smoke point, this iteration quickly turned the bread golden brown. That is, even though the cheese was almost melted, it was still curdled (semi-solid) and the texture was crumbling.

Overall, this was delicious. It was chewy inside and crispy outside.

Now it’s time to try Stewart’s trick of adding mayonnaise to the outside of the bread.

14 with mayonnaise

14 with mayonnaise

Martha Stewart says she likes using mayonnaise instead of butter.Insider’s Paige Bennett

I’ve tried Stewart’s “hack” — she doesn’t claim it’s hers — before. But I’ve never noticed a difference compared to the regular butter version.

By trying these different methods one after the other, I wanted to detect subtle differences.

The sandwich was golden in no time and the bread was bubbling on the griddle.

17 with mayonnaise

17 with mayonnaise

The creamy seasoning made the bread crisp and bubbly.Insider’s Paige Bennett

Like a buttered sandwich, this bread turned golden brown in just a few minutes over medium heat.

Cook for a few minutes on each side, sliced ​​my sandwich and took a bite.

20 with mayonnaise

The texture was better than the butter version.Insider’s Paige Bennett

There is no change in taste due to mayonnaise, but the texture is clearly different.

The crust and outside were crunchier and more golden.but the cheese not so soft Sticky like a sandwich with butter on the inside.

Finally, I decided to combine the mayo and butter method

22 with mayonnaise and butter

22 with mayonnaise and butter

I wanted to try a combination of methods.Insider’s Paige Bennett

We aimed for an exquisite texture that melts on the inside and is crisp on the outside.

To do this, I spread butter on the inside of the bread and mayonnaise on the outside.

The sandwich was ready in minutes and was as expected

23 Put mayonnaise and butter on the iron plate

23 Put mayonnaise and butter on the iron plate

The mayonnaise on the outside gave the bread the same golden brown effect.Insider’s Paige Bennett

Cooking the sandwich on the griddle like the others browned just as fast and produced a perfect golden bun.

When I picked up the slice, I felt that the inside was soft and fluffy.

26 with mayonnaise and butter

Insider’s butter turned into perfectly squeezed cheese.Insider’s Paige Bennett

I enjoyed every bite of this version.

The surface and edges are crispy and fragrant, and the inside is even more fluffy with plenty of butter.

I will definitely use this creamy combo in the future

27 with mayonnaise and butter

I think it’s a classic grilled cheese with mayonnaise on the outside and butter on the inside.Insider’s Paige Bennett

As long as you have both softened butter and mayonnaise on hand, this is my new go-to method for making grilled cheese.

But tomatoes, pickles, or Avocado —I actually use Stewart’s Hack Sun Butter to keep the inside from getting too soggy.

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