Afternoon Observer | Law enforcement shot Andrew Brown from behind + some in the Charlotte area say more police reform is needed

Charlotte, I did it — I did it on Friday. Here Kristen decides how to spend the next few days. Are you looking for a way to fill your time this weekend? Charlotte Five is back in 5 minutes Guide to what to do In Charlotte, April 23-29 edition. From strawberry picking to savings to virtual steeplechase, there’s a lot to do between Netflix binge sessions on the couch. As always, remember your mask!

Now let’s talk about today’s news.

1.1. North Carolina law enforcement shot Andrew Brown from behind, according to radio recordings

Andrew brown, A man in Elizabeth City, killed by law enforcement on Wednesday, Shot behindAccording to the emergency radio recording. On Wednesday, lawmakers were issuing warrants when at least one shot Brown. The death caused a protest..

According to scanner traffic from the morning of the shooting, law enforcement agencies told the dispatch that a bullet had been fired at Brown’s address. “We have a struck subject,” says the voice in part of the recording from around 8:25 am

For more information on shooting wireless traffic First reported Friday morning According to WRAL-TV. Authorities have released some other details about the case. According to Pasquotank Sheriff Tommy Uten There is a body camera image Of the shoot, but he hadn’t seen it yet. News & Observer reports that multiple media organizations will appear in court to request the release of the footage. Tyler Duke And will Doran..

2.2. Many in Charlotte say it’s time for police reform action

Thousand miles from Minneapolis, Charlotte Looking back on this week’s news A photo of a jury who found former police officer Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd.

Observer Daniel Chemtob Talked to multiple people A common thread was drawn from the Charlotte area about their reaction, and many were fed up with the pace of police reform and needed more action to address systematic racism in society. say.

  • “Police should be here to protect, and many don’t feel that protection is given.”

  • “This is a systematic thing that has been created and generated over the years and is not just canceled overnight.”

  • “I have a son and I’m scared. He goes out every day and I don’t know what will happen.”

Read all Chemtob findings here..

3.3. Recently, an online grocery store has opened in Charlotte.Already expanding

E-grocer Farmstead has expanded its service in Charlotte since it opened in mid-November. In the photo of this file, workers Shinesia Whatley (left) and Matthew Brown tag groceries.

E-grocer Farmstead has expanded its service in Charlotte since it opened in mid-November. In the photo of this file, workers Shinesia Whatley (left) and Matthew Brown tag groceries.

Farmstead, an online grocery store that landed in Charlotte in November is Expansion of services In the area.. Why is it moving so rapidly?

The answer is simple. “Customer growth has grown. Faster More than expected, “co-founder and CEO Pradeep Elankumaran told observers. Catherine Mutch Grosso..

What has changed?

  • Farmstead offers free delivery to your home within that hour 32,000 square feet A hub in western Charlotte.

  • The service will be more available: it will be provided Seven Day — instead of before Five — From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

  • We will also launch a $ 4.99 one-hour delivery service and a referral incentive program.

Did you order groceries from an online service? How did the experience overlap with direct grocery shopping? Please tell us your thoughts.

4.4. How does Mecklenberg stack up in vaccination rates?

Mecklenburg County is one of the slowest vaccinations for the general public, both state-wide and similar counties across the country, according to data analysis by new observers.

First, about some contexts: 29% All North Carolina citizens are fully vaccinated, According to the State Department of Health and Human Services.In Mecklenberg, that number is close to twenty two%.

Observer Allison Kuznits And Gavin off Data from various health departments were used to compare the progress of MEC with the progress of other counties.

  • Here’s a comparison of Mech with some North Carolina counties: Forsyth County: 29.3%, Guilford County: 30.2%, Wake County: 30.3%

  • And in some counties across the country: Contra Costa County, California: 34.1%, Montgomery County, Maryland: 30.7%, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania: 28.7%

Gibby Harris, director of public health at Mecklenberg, said Wednesday that he expected the county to catch up with or exceed other areas soon. “We hope to stay active during the summer by being vaccinated and ensuring that people have access,” Harris said at a press conference this week.

Looking for an appointment? Find one here With our vaccine tracker.

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