Afternoon Observer | NC Ends Most COVID Restrictions + Police Shoot Deadly NC Man While Providing Search Warrants

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Now let’s talk about today’s news.

1.1. North Carolina COVID-related restrictions may be lifted

Governor Roy Cooper said Wednesday on a number of COVID-related restrictions, including business restrictions and distance requirements. It is scheduled to end on June 1st. State Maskman Dates are valid until at least May. The current executive order expires on April 30, And Cooper said he can expect new orders next week with safety restrictions in May.

The decision will be made because more than one-third of North Carolina people are fully vaccinated, and as observers report, as Mecklenberg’s COVID propensity increases. Catherine Mutch Grosso And Hannah Smoot..

“We hope that ongoing efforts to increase and slow the spread of vaccination will lift all mandatory social distance, capacity and group assembly restrictions by June 1,” Cooper said. Mr. says.

2.2. Police deadly shoot NC man while providing search warrant

North Carolina guy I was shot and killed by the police Officials said Wednesday morning in the town of Elizabeth.

What we know so far:

  • Congressman was executing a search warrant in Elizabeth City around 8:30 am

  • Police officers shot a man deadly during the search, officials said.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Sheriff Tommy Uten identified the man as Andrew Brown. The Elizabeth City Council will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday night.

3.3. $ 10,000 raised for a black transgender woman after Charlotte’s murder

The message is on the poster of the Jida Peterson Memorial held at Tucka CG Park on April 9, 2021. Peterson was a Charlotte transgender woman found dead in a hotel room on Easter Sunday.

The message is on the poster of the Jida Peterson monument at Tucka CG Park on April 9, 2021. Peterson was a Charlotte transgender woman found dead in a hotel room on Easter Sunday.

LGBTQ + community organizations around Charlotte and North Carolina have begun efforts to support and protect black trans women after two murders in Charlotte — And you can help.. Jada Peterson, 29, and Remy Fennell, 28, was found dead and deadly shot in a hotel room in Charlotte, both dead.


  • Southern Equality, Charlotte Pride, North Carolina Equality, Charlotte Transcendence Campaign Committed $ 10,000..

  • The group encourages local residents and organizations to match the initial donation.

  • The money will be sent to the Charlotte Uprising, Feed the Movement, House of Canautica and used for housing, food and other needs, representatives said.

learn more About the initiative here With an observer Devna Bose..

4.4. Three former homeless camp residents have died

3 people Those who lived in a temporary hotel room funded by the county Dead, Mecklenberg officials disclosed on Tuesday.later Uptown tent camp has been demolished During February Over 200 people I evacuated and was sent to a hotel room. A shutdown took place after inspectors pointed out the mouse epidemic and dangerous conditions.

The death of one person was associated with substance abuse. Calempertier, head of strategy, innovation and coordination for the county’s community support services, said the other two had a “fundamental medical condition.”

According to Peltier 168 Refugees still live in two hotels. Observers report that the county will be merged into one location within the next four weeks. Allison Kuznits And Lauren Lindstrom..

“It’s really one person at a time,” county manager Dena Diorio said Wednesday. “We will stick to it. Our goal is to secure a place for everyone who lives in the hotel.”

5.5. Charlotte, MEC leaders blame violence against the AAPI community

The organizer of Asian Solidarity Candlelight Vigil wrote

The organizers of the Asian Solidarity Candlelight Vigil wrote “Stop Asia Hate” on the sidewalk before the event at Marshall Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sunday, March 21, 2021.

On Tuesday, Tuesday’s Mecklenburg County authorities said Violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, “We pledge to resist racism and alien exclusion by building stronger relationships and supporting community-led solutions.

County Commissioner Lee Altman read a decree issued jointly with the city of Charlotte.

“To deal with hatred and violence against vulnerable people, we look inward, find solutions to improving diverse communities, set aside exclusion, and seek equal rights for all. We must acknowledge the efforts of the people, “Altoman read.

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