Afternoon Observer | North Carolina Policeman Attacks A Black Woman At A Transportation Stop, Says A Lawsuit + Meet This Banker By Day And An Artist At Night

Hello, Charlotte. This is Kristen. I hope you all have a nice Tuesday so far. Today I would like to introduce my talented colleague who is an observer and get things started. Our Meet the Reporter series continues this week. Allison KuznitsI am in charge of the local governments in the Charlotte area, and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic. See her here, And try to catch up with her Recent reports..

Now let’s talk about the news.

1.1. A North Carolina police officer attacked a black woman at a transportation stop, the proceedings said.

A study of traffic outages in North Carolina make confused Truth: Police pull, search, and arrest black drivers at a higher rate than others.Observer analysis 2015 And 2020 According to a Charlotte-Mecklenberg police stop survey, blacks make up only 35% of the county’s population, while black drivers were involved in 57% of transportation stops.

New federal proceedings Bring those statistics to life. In a complaint, Charlotte’s black driver, Daniel Downing, describes a brutal encounter during a police stop in Mooresville in April 2018.

According to the complaint:

  • Police officer Josh Barlow asked for her license and registration without explaining why she stopped her.

  • Downing handed her a driver’s license, but told police that she had misplaced her registration. When she found it, it was in the pouch that she handed to the policeman.

  • He pushed the pouch back to her and ordered her to hand only the card in a “loud, sudden tone of voice”.

  • She asked for a moment, and he ordered her to get out of the car and threatened to break her window.

  • Before she had time to leave, Barlow began to throb her windows at his Billy Club. When the window broke, she took a shower with glass.

According to the complaint, Barlow never told her why she was stopped.Read about the tragic sequence of events of the observer Michael Gordon To Only for this subscriber..

2.2. Meet BofAVP in the moonlight as a filmmaker, actor and advocate

Jinna Kim, on display in front of Charlotte's New South Levine Museum, is a series & # x00201c; Homeland.  After starting as a background extra for & # x00201d ;, he has been acting in Charlotte for nearly 10 years. Kim also directed his film, but her main profession is writing Bank of America patents.

Exhibited in front of Charlotte’s New South Levine Museum, Jinna Kim has been acting in Charlotte for almost a decade since it started as an extra background for the series “Hometown.” Kim also directed his film, but her main profession is writing Bank of America patents.

Jinna Kim is not afraid to fail, and she is not afraid to be creative. “I was rejected thousands of times, so I stopped counting,” she says. “I’m not thinking about odds. There are new opportunities every day.”

Interdisciplinary artist, Kim is an actor, model, photographer, writer, and filmmaker. She also worked on the Enterprise Payments team at Bank of America and was recently promoted to Senior Vice President. In her daily work, she has jointly filed 17 patent applications so far. In the art world, she has appeared in over 100 works and produced documentaries.

As a correspondent in observer art, Kim’s approach is consistent, although the world of banking and art may seem very different to navigate. Liz Lot house Report. She embarks on creativity, innovation and determination through all her work.

Learn more about Kim’s approach Here..

3.3. Artificial Intelligence Education at UNCC Get $ 1.5 Million Boost from Loews

Loews and UNC Charlotte on Tuesday Announced $ 1.5 million gift For schools of computing and informatics colleges. The gift establishes the status of donated faculty at UNCC with a focus on AI and machine learning.

For schools and businesses that are already focused on technology, this announcement is welcome news.

  • UNCC is almost 200% Increased enrollment over the last decade to earn a degree in computer science, covering areas such as cybersecurity, robotics, and software engineering.

  • He said he was looking for “the best tech team in the retail industry.” 23 story tower Expand the technology workforce at the South End.

Transaction details Here With an observer Anna Douglas..

4.4. Where to get great Vietnamese food in Charlotte

Shrimp and lemongrass pork vermicelli bowls can be customized to the customer's taste using Cilantro Noodle's unique options.

Shrimp and lemongrass pork vermicelli bowls can be customized to the customer’s taste using Cilantro Noodle’s unique options.

Vietnamese food is more than pho, and Charlotte has a rich community of Vietnamese restaurants. Kadee Breakley Charlotte Five summary of 6 places try it.

Some highlights:

5.5. Can Panthers’ new trade leave them with more questions than answers?

Carolina Panthers exchanged for New York Jets quarterback yesterday Sam darnold..According to the observer Aligner GetzenbergThe 23-year-old former Third Overpick was unsuccessful in three seasons at Jets. Now the question: how does he play for Carolina?

The Panthers did a lot to get Darnold.And as Getzenberg “Trading Darnold’s 6th round of 2021 picks and 2022’s 2nd and 4th round picks doesn’t answer Panthers’ long-term questions. In fact, more than answers. I have a question. “

read more Getzenberg Analysis of the situation Here..

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