“Age of Empires IV” will land on the PC platform this fall, supporting Chinese and Chinese voices

Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV

The sequel to the Microsoft classic series “Age of Empires IV”, which was confirmed and developed more than three years ago, finally confirmed the launch time early this morning and released a lot of game details. At the just-concluded preview conference, it was officially announced that the work will be available on the Windonws 10 and Steam stores this fall, supporting Chinese and Chinese voices, and will also join the Xbox Game Pass for PC game lineup. In the newly released video game clips, we can see the newly added wall attack and defense mechanism in this game. Players can control soldiers to defend the city on the wall or climb the wall from under the wall to attack.

Weibo video:http://t.cn/A6cfSkX4

In “Age of Empires IV”, civilizations including China, Mongolia, the United Kingdom, and the newly introduced Sultanate of Delhi will have their own special abilities. For example, Mongolia can “package” the entire building and reset the camp. In addition, at this morning’s event, Microsoft also announced one of the four epic battles in the campaign mode-“Norman Conquer England”. For players who like history, they should be able to experience a lot of fun in this mode.

Weibo video:http://t.cn/A6cfoXpp

In addition to the announcement of “Age of Empires IV”, Microsoft also confirmed at this press conference that “Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition” will launch a new DLC “Dawn of the Duke” this summer, and it will be launched later this year. Add a new cooperative play mode. At the same time, “Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition” will update American Civilization on April 13, and players can get related content for free after completing the time-limited challenge.