ah!Chris Christie hits Trump where it hurts most

Former Governor of New Jersey. Chris Christie shot an ex-friend donald trump By hitting crowd size in one of his known sore spots.

“You saw the CPAC scene,” Christie said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, referring to the right-wing convention the former president addressed Saturday. “The room was half full.”

trump is known Obsess over beyond the size of the crowd, one of the first lies of his administration to be false claims about his inauguration crowdHe is often made inflated claims He claimed the crowds at his rallies were sold out even when empty seats were clearly visible.

As Christie noted, Trump’s CPAC speech was moderately attended, and ABC reported that the back of the room was “almost completely empty

Christie said Trump’s vacancy problem extends far beyond the CPAC, and it’s not like the former president hasn’t held many rallies because he knows the crowds aren’t what they used to be. I’m guessing.

Trump has used the size of the crowd “as an example of his own power and authority, and I don’t think he has that anymore,” Christie said.

Christie was once a close ally of Trump and in 2016 one of the first famous names After ending his own bid for the Republican nomination, Christie endorsed him within the party. In 2020, I developed a COVID-19 infection.

Since then, he has become more critical of the former president, Trump predicted he would lose to Joe Biden If he’s a candidate for 2024